Monday, November 04, 2013

Do supprot freedom from religion foundation on having religious institutions file a 990.

Whether it be a Synagogue, a Church, a Mosque, or whatever Scientology calls it. Not having to file a 990 makes it possible for them to be hidden on their finances which a file 990 would prevent this especially cases that are egregious. The worst cases involve Scientology but see terrible things going on in all these groups mentioned above and having similar rules to other non for profits would stop some abuses.

Just knowing how much they get paid should be known to the public when you join a religious institution. How much does the leader of this religious place get paid. Think we should know.

Some audits of their financial records like other non for profits. Am I right? Wrong? would this have no impact. What do you think?

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fschmidt said...

If you only want to join a religious community that has publicly audited finances, then that is your personal choice. Simply don't join a religious community that fails to meet your criteria. But I am against any government regulation of religion.