Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Real reasons some Muslims hate Jews and the Temple is because of the purity it demands.

That is the reality. The Muslims I work with have VERY LOW birth rates. My boss only has 2 grandchildren (and they belong to a large Mosque that denies the Temple ever existed) and his wife when I mentioned I was one of only two children she is like you don’t need any more. She really is messed up and disturbed. Of course she wears the thing on her head but she seems to not care of younger women try to flirt with a man for an inappropriate reason.

IN fact just read this from the link. 

This link quotes Leviticus and these laws

Pagan Arabs, the ones who were living in Medina in particular, had become, more or less, sociable with the habits of the Jews, and treated menstruous women like the Jews did. They used to keep aloof from their wives when they were in their monthly courses. That very notable difference in those religious notions and the existing custom among their adherents caused that some Muslims posed that question to the Prophet (s). In answer to their question, this verse was revealed. 


Which to Muslims only sexual intercourse is not allowed but everything else is ok. Actually that is not much different then the watered down Rabbinic view of Leviticus 15 that lets women do anything with other women and lets single women do what they want which isn’t very wise as why should women want to get married if when single they can do what they want. But actually arabs are angry at Jews for pushing them IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION in this regard. As this is all they do which of course even the half way measure they took was stolen from the Jewish religion.

222. "They ask you (O' Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: 'It is a hurt; so avoid (intercourse with) women during menstruation and do not approach them till they be cleaned. When they are thus purified, then you may go unto them as Allah has commanded you.' Verily, Allah loves those who repent constantly, and (He) loves those who purify themselves."

But Jews should wake up and realize Muslims hate us not because of any righteous reason but because they hate our bible and these laws in Leviticus 15 that are there to prevent sexual perversions which this law the way it is above does not prevent women from being loose and being used in ways that they may enjoy short term but long term will end up lonely and with little gain.  

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