Friday, October 11, 2013

Rabbis charged in scheme to torture men that don't give a get. And charge 100,000.

There are a number of items not mentioned in this article. The biggest being that women can refuse the divorce settlement which from my own knowledge does happen and the Rabbis will believe the woman that claims the man NEVER GAVE HER A DIVORCE SETTLEMENT.

Why would a man want to be harassed and have employment called his landlord called and what have you and have his reputation ruined. What benefit does he get from this? Unless he has connections that know he is  a bad person but don't care he gets no benefit.

Does a woman benefit if she refuses a divorce? In some way yes. If she was raised to always be jealous of men she can use this and run to a male Rabbi who will get pleasure out of harassing her ex-husband to make her happy.   She can also use this to talk about how sexist the Jewish bible is and the Jewish religion is and women should be able to divorce whenever they want.

What disadvantage does she have? Well she won't be able to get remarried if she doesn't have divorce papers. If she is a woman with children under 18 it would be hard for her to get remarried and certainly she would be the lower end of desirability as a wife. Many women know that they will not be able to get remarried for a long time in this case so to them option 1 is desirable I would think. Refuse the divorce and claim the man is holding her hostage which is she could pay 100,000 to a Rabbi how oppressed is she really. And by doing this she can make the man's life miserable which is really what she wants as she likely is miserable herself.

It is scary to see the extreme this is going to do which I don't think we know the whole story. In addition if a man is violating the marriage contract to a very significant degree like any contract that is grounds that the contract is null just by the husbands actions. But there is lust in the Jewish world to beat up Jewish men. Rabbis and other male religious leaders including Karaites religious leaders are jealous of men who have more talents then they do.

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