Monday, October 14, 2013

More on Rabbis that beat up men (to get the man to give a divorce) without knowing the whole story.

Disgusting story. Here is the link.

This guy who was beaten is happy finally some justice for this behavior. 

As I mentioned on my last post why would any man subjugate himself to this. In some cases the women doesn't accept the divorce and then lies and says the man never gave it to her. In other cases the man has reasons he doesn't want to give a divorce for example having his children taught that he is somehow bad and not having any role in his own children's lives which are very legit reasons. This idea that somehow by beating a man up he will do the right thing is crazy and it attracts goon type men into religion which is just terrible.

In legit cases where a guy clearly doesn't care about his wife and kids and somehow wants to prevent the wife from moving on (not that many men are going to be interested anyway but still) then that is a legit issue and is also a case of a breach of contract.

But to just beat guys up is disgraceful and as this case shows I don't think the Rabbis really try to make sure the case is legit. They were fooled by a woman and man undercover. If a woman says something they believe it without checking the story through others who the woman knows.

It is crazy that Rabbis that claim about the Talmud that if you kill one person in 70 years that is a bloody court yet beating up Jewish men doesn't raise an eyebrow to these Rabbis and to many women on how it makes us look like barbarians and makes the God of Israel look horrible and all us Jews look horrible. So there is a bigger then just this.

Anyway here is the link to this story.

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