Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ken Ham uses quote in Matthew 19:8 that blames divorce on Jews being stubborn. Problem of Patriarchs on Polygamy

I saw this article on Ladies against Feminsm. 

It is bothersome to me that he has to use a quote that is very divisive. Divorce was allowed because of the hardness of the hearts of the Israelites (Matthew 19:8), From this site.

I learn something new every day.  The Christian bible  does slander Jews and Mr. Ham supports passages in the Christian bible that do this. It is quite disturbing to learn of this as it is suggesting that God felt less of Jews and allowed Jewish men to divorce specifically for this reason. God recognized there is a time for divorce although he has to compensate the woman. If a man marres a woman and lives with her and it will be that she will not find favor in his eyes for he found in her a matter of immorality, that is how stone chumuch translates  “Ervat Davar”. To suggest this has to do with the hardness of an Israelites heart doesn’t make a lot of sense. Obviously it is a major thing that the man finds distasteful  to which God feels the man has the right for there to be a consequence. And of course after this this man can’t remarry this woman if she gets divorced a second time.

He then also goes into a link about Polygamy and blames all problems that happened in the Jewish bible on polygamy which is very anti-intellectual since you could point to similar problems without polygamy being there.  Cain and Abel and Jacab and Esav family problems but no polygamy.  Let us be clear. I agree the ideal is one man and one woman and from what I see most men were not interested in polygamy. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob really loved one woman but circumstances dictated otherwise. Polygamy is still better then a woman being unmarried at all but it isn’t an ideal and isn’t the best situation for woman and/or for men for that matter if men wanted multiple wives which would cause some men to have no wives. But to blame the problems of Genesis on Polygamy is absurd. Mr. Hamm links to an article that does this posted above. Again, it isn’t an ideal but this clearly is agenda driven as most of these problems  the origin of the problem could have existed in many of the cases if there was no polygamy. It bothers me this dogma that defies common sense and is an insult to Jews.   There are those Jews who think Polygamy is normal and that is disturbing to me although no second wife should ever want to marry a man with that mentality in the first place.  Comments.


fschmidt said...

I don't see anything wrong with the articles that you linked to. Jesus wasn't specifically criticizing Jews, he was criticizing people generally. The point is that the reason divorce is necessary is because people have hard hearts. The Orthodox Jewish position isn't all that far from this. Jesus was just encouraging people not to divorce at a time in Roman history when divorce was rampant (like today).

The article on polygamy is just silly, but again not anti-Jewish. Things like slavery and polygamy were just facts of life in ancient times and are no longer needed.

Ken Ham seems pretty harmless compared to most of the modern world, so I would leave him alone.

Analytical Adam said...

But he gives religion an anti-intellectual bent from what he does and actually is the perfect guy for those who hate God to use to claim religious people are ignorant and illogical.

And that isn't the reason for divorce. Sometimes a man realizes the woman he married is not someone that is of good morality. Of course he can't go back and then remarry her at a later time if she remarries and gets divorced again. He has to compensate her as he married her in the first place.

And for him to blame everything on polygamy in genesis is absurd. One thing I can say though is how can any honest Christian say this when men sadly do divorce a woman to marry a younger woman of childbearing age. Most of the men who do this are not men of good character in general but still when polygamy is an option at least this wouldn't happen.

fschmidt said...

What religion today doesn't have an anti-intellectual bent? Hasidic Judaism is fundamentally anti-intellectual and Hasidic influence currently dominates Orthodox Judaism. The rest of Rabbinic Judaism, Reform and Conservative, is too corrupt to even be worth discussing. The other religions are the same, divided between the anti-intellectual and the corrupt. We live in sad times. Out of the existing choices, I think Karaite Judaism offers the best balance.

The Torah addresses the case of a man marrying a woman who misrepresents herself as a virgin, and in this case divorce is fully justified. And similarly divorce is justified in the case of adultery. But besides these cases, I find it hard to imagine what bad morals in a wife justify divorce. Minor moral issues should be fixable with proper guidance from the husband.

As I said, the article on polygamy is silly. But the fact is that polygamy doesn't work when the number of men and women are about equal as they are today, because this would leave men without wives. Polygamy only works when many men die in war as was true in biblical times.

Adam K said...

Not always Mr. Schmidt. Sadly sometimes men realize after they married a woman that their wife lack compassion and certain basic decent traits and he loses respect for her in his eyes because of her behavior which he should have realized earlier and maybe did but ignored it or thought it would change and now realizes otherwise and the extend of not caring simply because someone has few connection and the man can see the reason is not because of any righteous reason.

fschmidt said...

And then what? Should he keep divorcing and remarrying until he gets lucky? The problem is that there is a shortage of decent women right now because feminism is corrupting women all over the world. This means that there are more men looking for wives than there are ideal brides. Which means that some men will have to compromise. This really isn't so terrible because because a husband can have a lot of influence on his wife and can improve her character. As long as men are willing to compromise, this is workable. But to have men continually divorcing and remarrying in search of the ideal wife seems to me to be a recipe for disaster.