Sunday, October 20, 2013

Karaites also "add" to the Torah sadly.

They claim otherwise but they do. The male Karaite leaders have issues with the biblical laws of divorce and clearly make up their own rules. And I was in the American Karaite Judaism facebook group which I was thrown off of and all they care about is rituals except for one social issue. What social issue is that: divorce and men divorcing. Other then that couldn't care less about society and problems.

I never see them mention any other social issue. Children being mistreated, the elderly being mistreated, someone who is poor and and/or has few connections being mistreated. What about young girls being mistreated. Don't hear much about this either.

Why is that??  It seems to me it is clearly a power grab by the male religious leaders who feel threatened by other men and therefore want women to think badly bout men in general so they can push their own agendas and easy divorce helps in this regard.

They constantly claim others are misogynists. And they ARE THE ONE EXCEPTION but all other men are bad.

That is awful and they make up their own laws based on slandering other men.

Yet Muslims do consider our laws to be sexist. They consider our divorce laws sexist. They consider the laws in Leviticus 15 (Vayikra) sexist. So instead of trying to understand them and why God felt it is the man that should give the divorce and compensate the woman if the woman no longer has favor in his eyes and he finds something distasteful which obviously it has to be something major as most normal men don't want to live alone. Instead the Karaites so called Hakhams like to slander Jewish men and ADD their own rules.

Then they focus on putting down Rabbinic Jews and other religions for ADDING to the torah but when you criticize them they can't take it. No wonder they are considered a joke which I wouldn't even know existed except for someone who commented a while back named SouthernBelle who no longer comments here.

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fschmidt said...

It isn't fair to judge all Karaites from a facebook group or even from other Karaite presence on the internet. I am a programmer myself and I never use facebook which I consider to be a moral cesspool. Karaite Judaism is quite diverse because each person is allowed his own interpretation. This means that you can have really crazy Karaites. But to get a sense of normal Karaites, you have to visit their synagogue which I did twice. And they are okay. Another option is to read The Karaite Jews of Egypt From 1882-1986 which gives a good view of traditional Karaite culture.

I consider Rabbinic Judaism to be a lost cause. The core problem with Rabbinic Judaism is the Talmud itself. The Talmud isn't reasonable and gives too much authority to the rabbis. By far the greatest asset of Judaism is the Hebrew Bible. And this is what the Karaites focus on. Because today's Karaites came from Egypt where assimilation was not a threat, they are no well equipped to resist this problem. Those Karaites who you see posting to the internet are partly assimilated. They are the Karaite equivalent of Reform Judaism. But if Karaite Judaism can develop an Orthodox strain, this would be a great religion.

Based on my visits to the Karaite synagogue in Daly City, I am planning to move there and join them early next year. And I will do my best to push in an anti-feminist, anti-liberal direction. I have also recently been posting my views on my site Biblic Judaism. I hope you get a chance to visit the Karaite synagogue yourself so that you can judge the Karaites fairly.