Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why do Jews now have lower birth rates then their neighbors.

Was it always this way???

It is sad that in today's time Jews tend to have lower birth rates then their neighbors. Question is: Was it always this way?? In Europe over a period of time Jews grew at a faster rate then their Christian countrymen from the 16th-20th century. Both in America and Israel though that isn't the case and it creates a serious problem for themselves. I suspect it wasn't the case in the past unless we had converts to increase our numbers which doesn't seem to be the case but why did this change happen?? Is it Rabbi loving the FDA drug called the pill more then other religions!! I really don't know but it does seem a modern situation unless in other times we had converts to increase our numbers more then our neighbors.

Comments welcome. I don't know but why in the past from the 16th-20th century as per my prior post could we increase 10 times more then our European neighbors which over 400 years means only a slightly higher birth rate over this time. A half a child more over 16 generations with average birth rates in the 2.4-2.9 range   would lead to a much larger population verses the other over 16 generations to the point of being 10 times more of an increase. See my post on the Khazar conspiracy theory that has the number crunching. The post before this one. 


Maybe storks would be easier. LOL. But God gave women while it is painful but still the ability to carry and give birth to a baby and keep their culture alive or the culture they would would like to keep going if they have decided to marry a man from a different culture then they grew up in.


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