Monday, August 12, 2013

My Review of Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church

This was my review I wrote for Amazon.  It is an interesting book. I gave it 3/5 stars. It is a good read about her family and how they got involved in this crazy Church. As I wrote the blame though extends beyond this Church. Anyway this is the review I wrote. for this book. I will admit that also my view was based on just what her actions have been after she left the church which some good but a little too much on ignoring the other issues beside the church that contributed to this problem and acting like her parents are victims of the church when that isn't the case.

Overall it was an interesting read and would recommend. However, from reading it can see that there is more to blame then the Church for her fathers abusive behavior and the family joining this abusive church and their dysfunctional family which the mother as well seems to like her eldest and first born daughter being put down for whatever reason.

Case in point was when they were in Florida her father broke the nose of a teenage boy she was becoming friendly with because he wrote her a letter that he considered lewd in nature but Lauren didn't take offense to it but the father felt this gave him the right to break this teenage boy's nose. The father of this teenager sued for assault and the judge agreed that due to the letter he was in the right for doing this and breaking a teenage boys nose and allowed the abusive father to put a restraining order on this teenage boy as well as if he was the one who assaulted the father simply for "writing a letter".

Our society in many quarters as this judge did feels this is ok to assault a teenage boy for a sexual letter in which he expresses his sexual fantasies and not as it really is even if the person is in the wrong but still an extreme overreaction and not a proportionate response. Especially not to a young teenage boy. This is not a proportionate response and just shows support of violence by this judge. In the name of protecting women when Lauren herself objected and didn't consider this boy she was friendly with at the time any threat to her and was interesting of being his girlfriend.

Her father did well in the workplace as well which would mean his mentality is considered good sad to say. It is unlikely he behaves in a completely different matter.

If this judge in Florida would have rightly charged her father with assault he would have had to learn other behavior when dealing with others who don't see things the way he did which included the fact his daughter didn't even see this the way he did.

Also as others pointed out she didn't leave the church but was kicked out. While her family is her family she should realize though that what they are doing to others is wrong yet she sympathizing with them more then who they hurt which yes they are your family but you shouldn't forgive them for hurting others especially knowing what they did to you their own flesh and blood.

Seems to be more focused on having a good time now and her lost years then thinking about how her experience should cause her to at least recognize the aspects in her own life that caused this included this corrupt judge in Florida and in that regard I think she has some growing up to do and hope she can grow and not just be a victim which in many ways as she herself has admitted she is fortunate.

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