Monday, July 22, 2013

NJ Family Care doesn't have Hebrew Bilingual support.

Which is not to blame them for this. A number of common languages are not on this list that has 15 languages. Would suspect the reason being not too many Israeli's who live in NJ and Hebrew is their mother tongue are inquiring about this. Since in one of my recent jobs in accounting they have those who have families that use this  and their income needs to be at a certain level. (which in general it would better if NJ had lower insurance costs as they have high costs because of so many regs and demands on Health Insurance).

If you need it ok. Although would see the attitude of entitlement which is disturbing. But this group would see that Israeli's don't have Hebrew as a language so with their government entitlement mentality they would see Israeli's as unimportant. Which this overly dependent status that some people have will usually see less of Jews involved which clearly is the case here and of course see Jews as weak simply because they are less for government dependence. Which is why big government attitudes never help Jews as Jews will be seen as weaker in that kind of environment then they are in reality. As you could see here on the NJ family care website of some languages supported but not Hebrew.

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