Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mohamad Qatani claims there was no Temple in Jerusalem. Imam for ICPC in Paterson, NJ.

OK. So how was the Christian Bible written. How comes Jews have Greek influences on their own religion in some of their terms like Synagogue meaning place of meeting. Diaspora which is a Greek term. The term Orthodox as well  (going to research it) also may be using a Greek term for religion since Greeks belong to the Greek Orthodox Church. Very disturbing to make up lies like this and claim Jews really are from New York or whatever. To lie like this and make false statements is very much against God. Here is one of his speeches. Just a bunch of lies and nothing else and this should be something that upsets Jews when people make false claims and deny the Temple existed. and in turn deny that God's presence existed in the Temple.

Thanks to the
 Investigative Project on Terrorism for translating this.
Downloaded from ICPC website

"First, brothers and sisters, we must understand that this land called Palestine has been an Arab land from 4,000 years ago before the presence of Abraham (upon him peace) It was an Arab land before Abraham (upon him peace) The first who inhabited it were the Arab Jebusites. We have a historical and geographic right. We must teach this to the young and our children."
"An Israeli named Nathan wrote a book of 400 pages in which he denied after studies, researches and excavations, he arrived at the result, that there was nothing named the Temple in that place. There is nothing to prove the presence of that Temple under or above al Aqsa."
"They are all immigrants, coming from where? Not even from the Bani Israil [Israelites] Not from the Bani Israil. Immigrants from Ukraine, Poland or New York."

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