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Intersting Blog "Birth Anarchy". Talks about Midwifery laws in some posts.

Very interesting web site. Here is an article of the situation in California. In which basically women can't be Midwives because they have to be under the direction of a Doctor and the malpractice insurance makes it an impossible arrangement.

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It is a real problem our society has turned pregnancy into an illness. This is due to feminism in which pregnancy is a threat to a woman's progress in a career. Yet this has affected how pregnancy is treated as well which in many cases has not been in a woman's best interest as Doctors perform C-Sections and lawyers sue for birth defects that aren't the fault of the Doctor but if you view pregnancy in this way I guess the Doctor takes on a role that is unrealistic. Sadly there is little choice for women and men who are married to these women of pregnancy care.

Also made the cost of pregnancy very high it seems although maybe that is not so.

I am not sure. Most in my family upon coming to the USA have 2-4 children of those who got married while in Europe they had larger families. Don't know why this was the case although it could just be the period of time it was as births in Europe have gone way down as well. And you didn't need to be super wealthy to have many kids and have your wife go through many pregnancies.

But this is an interesting site. I do feel that my own bible and the God of Israel and the Jewish people does see sexuality as something that comes with a responsibility and that God created a woman's body to be able to carry a child and nurse a child and of course give birth to a child although giving birth is painful. This is the REAL REASON for the purity laws in Leviticus 15 which men become impure when having emission of semen at night and women become impure during their period. For men to avoid this (as I always do wash my clothes at the laundromat if I have an emission that night if they get soiled before using them again) and to avoid this I guess requires a man not to be obsessed with female sexuality just for his own pleasue and for a woman of course to get out of this she would have to be pregnant or nursing when during her childbearing years. And in both cases these laws (which really aren't followed although if there was a Temple they would need to be) if followed would of course create an environment that men and women would have to care about care for pregnancy that didn't break the bank and was only for the wealthy. Our system seems to increase cost in an unneeded way.  And of course having a Midwife goes back thousands of years and come to think of it Doctors in general was not a profession in the bible.
Anyway this is what I wrote on Facebook about it.

It really is sad that in this regard women do not have a choice in many states. California being one of them as a midwife has to under supervision of a Doctor which liability was makes the arrangement not possible. It is really twisted to turn pregnancy into an illness and the control of Doctors who obviously in most cases don't give birth themselves even in the females in this area do it more as a Doctor and also see it as an illness and are more worried about being sued then doing what is in the best interest of the woman. Although a lot of women love doctors and seem to like being put in drugs sad to say. I see it sometimes. Midwifery goes back thousands of years.


Kathi Valeii said...

Hey Adam, thanks for sharing my article. I just wanted to point out an error. You mention that oppression in birth and restrictive midwifery laws is a result of feminism and women's competing desires for career. While I've never heard the career issue thrown directly into that line of thinking, the idea about feminism being a cause of birthing oppression is a consistent misunderstanding - one that is filtered through a patriarchal lens.

Here is an article where I explore that very argument and why it is fallacious. (It includes links to some previous historical articles that I wrote that explain U.S. birth history, where it is plain to see that it was not feminism that brought about industrialized birth, but rather a male-dominated profession who used women as cogs in their new machine.)

Analytical Adam said...

But only about 1-2% of men become Doctors and women more then men tend to listen to whatever a Doctor says and criticize their husband for being more skeptical and not just running to the Doctor when they have a problem.

In addition, all I can say Kathi is the idea of a Midwife goes all the way back to the bible which many consider overly patriarchal.

So with your argument you could say the idea of a Midwife comes from patriarchy. Just to discount because you consider Patriarchy bad I think is intellectually dishonest and actually could be used again the idea of a midwife since this existed in very patriarchal societies.

And anyway I am not against women using skills they have and getting paid for it. I don't consider that "feminism". What I consider "feminism" which is part of socialism is women who any area they see men better then them they think that is because of sexism and we have to have equality in all areas regardless of physical reality.

Are men on average 4 inches taller then women because men starve women. I don't think so.

Analytical Adam said...

Here is an article of a woman who actually took better care of men then the doctors did.

But some women as well are overly concerned about protecting their own jobs. It isn't limited to any gender.

My mother at times in her life was a feminist and she did have books the viewed pregnancy as a disability and I have heard that talk from those who support feminism which by the way feminism was created by men to try to promote jealousy and for men who are jealous if a woman gets married to a man and they have less control over them if that happens.