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At one time Jews had higher birth rates then the overall countries rate. Khazar conspiracy theories can't accept higher Jewish birrh rates.

That could be the case until recent ideas lowered our birth rates verses our neighbors. Rabbis decided to be more lenient on the pill an FDA drug then any other religion when it came up and this lowered our overall birth rates verses others. Or other factors that are women feel less a need to get married and have a family then women of other cultures which in regards to having children women play a larger role then men do. It is just the way it is.

Jews do have a lower birth rate in the USA then others. 1.5 when the overall birth rate is 2.1. So we are decreasing as a people and as a percent in the society. People say make Aliyah which is a nice idea but there was a time where Jews had rates that were similar if not slightly higher then the country they lived in and in Israel as well the same situation exists that although the birth rates are somewhat higher the arabs in Israel having a higher birth rate then our 2.2. And worst of all likely in the European exile we had higher rates then this current 2.2 

I bring this up because there have been some vicious Khazar theories being thrown against Jews.And now a so called Jewish Doctor is making this claim but so what. Some Doctors have issues. But as we will say the two big problems here are A. Timing of this Empire and when Jews increased are different time periods by over 300 years at least and B. You only need moderate birth rates over 16 - 18 generations to get these big increases that compound in each generation no different then how money compounds.

Failed Messiah promoted this Doctor that claims this Dr. Eran Elhaik. Just because he is a Doctor doesn't mean he is right. Some Doctors promote crazy things. Dr. Freud believed the Jews made up their religion because they killed Moses and felt guilty about it and he was able to figure this out through his psychoanalysis. Link from Failed Messiah . 

This from a site darkmoon promoting this vicious anti-Semitic lie. 

And they make this claim it mush have been a miracle do grow from 50,000 to 8 million over 400 years at least. And they grew 10 times more then their neighbor and this couldn't be.

  From the 16th-20th century. But the royalty that converted was done in the 10th century and this society declined in the early 13th century show none of this makes sense as to why the Jewish community grew from 50,000 to 8 million as this was because of Khazar's of course the increase should have been in that time frame.

Is it possible to have this kind of increase from 50,000 to 8 million and 10 times your neighbors in a moderate way

That doesn't lead to our enemies being severely jealous of us. The answer is absolutely. Sadly many people don't understand the laws of compounding as this was a period of 400-450 years and if 25 years is a generation that is 16-18 generations. Back them Jewish women and those married to Jewish men may have had slightly higher birth rates then their neighbors as maybe due to following the biblical laws to some degree involving Family Purity in Levitics 15and over 18 generations that makes a big difference. There was no pill for women to take for the Rabbis to be lenient on  to take this FDA drug. This period was marked by a mix of having rights and being persecuted and overall they took advantage of times of being treated well. But assuming a steady birth rate which I realize likely isn't the case but still if Jews had a birth rate of around 2.83 from 1500-1925 that would increase their numbers from 50,000 to 8 million. Not a crazy number. Similarly if their neighbors were a little less 2.45 let us say starting with the same 50,000 you would only get about 700,000. Only less then a half a child more. Hardly noticeable in a single generation.

Here are my numbers. Created on Excel.

1500         50,000.00
1500         50,000.00
1525         67,380.95
1525         58,333.33
1550         90,803.85
1550         68,055.56
1575       122,369.00
1575         79,398.15
1600       164,906.80
1600         92,631.17
1625       222,231.55
1625       108,069.70
1650       299,483.46
1650       126,081.32
1675       403,589.62
1675       147,094.87
1700       543,885.06
1700       171,610.68
1725       732,949.87
1725       200,212.46
1750       987,737.20
1750       233,581.21
1775   1,331,093.47
1775       272,511.41
1800   1,793,806.91
1800       317,929.98
1825   2,417,368.37
1825       370,918.31
1850   3,257,691.66
1850       432,738.03
1875   4,390,127.33
1875       504,861.03
1900   5,916,219.21
1900       589,004.53
1925   7,972,809.69
1925       687,171.96

    The first group is 2.83 rate. 2nd Group 2.45. Assuming to be even need a birth rate of 2.1 to have a growth of zero which I guess is due to children that die before adulthood that it is this and not 2.0.  Compounding is what does it and gives column A by 1925 more then 10 times column B and causes 8 to increase from 50,000 to almost 8 million. All is needed is a Moderate overall birth rate that was slightly higher then the nations around them. Nothing super dramatic. The Khazar theory makes no sense at all as to why Jews would increase 300 years after the Khazar empire declined and made up this big increase. Sadly though we don't believe in our internal ability to increase when you have articles that claim this had to be a miracle.

But sadly it seems today we couldn't see our own women as a whole having larger families then their neighbors.

  As today that isn't the case for a number of reasons that have really corrupted our own morality in the family including the very liberal views on the pill that take away all responsibility when coming to sexual intimacy and also really aren't great for a women's health either as they are drugs that prevent a woman from ovulating and isn't good either for healthy male/female relations for women to be taking a drug to prevent an outcome from normal sexual intimacy between a man and a woman.

  This is true in the USA and in Israel as well. Where we think Arabs have higher birth rates then Israeli's and that really shouldn't be.

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