Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At one time Jews had higher birth rates then the overall countries rate. Khazar conspiracy theories can't accept higher Jewish birrh rates.

That could be the case until recent ideas lowered our birth rates verses our neighbors. Rabbis decided to be more lenient on the pill an FDA drug then any other religion when it came up and this lowered our overall birth rates verses others. Or other factors that are women feel less a need to get married and have a family then women of other cultures which in regards to having children women play a larger role then men do. It is just the way it is.

Jews do have a lower birth rate in the USA then others. 1.5 when the overall birth rate is 2.1. So we are decreasing as a people and as a percent in the society. People say make Aliyah which is a nice idea but there was a time where Jews had rates that were similar if not slightly higher then the country they lived in and in Israel as well the same situation exists that although the birth rates are somewhat higher the arabs in Israel having a higher birth rate then our 2.2. And worst of all likely in the European exile we had higher rates then this current 2.2 

I bring this up because there have been some vicious Khazar theories being thrown against Jews.And now a so called Jewish Doctor is making this claim but so what. Some Doctors have issues. But as we will say the two big problems here are A. Timing of this Empire and when Jews increased are different time periods by over 300 years at least and B. You only need moderate birth rates over 16 - 18 generations to get these big increases that compound in each generation no different then how money compounds.

Failed Messiah promoted this Doctor that claims this Dr. Eran Elhaik. Just because he is a Doctor doesn't mean he is right. Some Doctors promote crazy things. Dr. Freud believed the Jews made up their religion because they killed Moses and felt guilty about it and he was able to figure this out through his psychoanalysis. Link from Failed Messiah . 

This from a site darkmoon promoting this vicious anti-Semitic lie. 

And they make this claim it mush have been a miracle do grow from 50,000 to 8 million over 400 years at least. And they grew 10 times more then their neighbor and this couldn't be.

Monday, July 22, 2013

NJ Family Care doesn't have Hebrew Bilingual support.

Which is not to blame them for this. A number of common languages are not on this list that has 15 languages. Would suspect the reason being not too many Israeli's who live in NJ and Hebrew is their mother tongue are inquiring about this. Since in one of my recent jobs in accounting they have those who have families that use this  and their income needs to be at a certain level. (which in general it would better if NJ had lower insurance costs as they have high costs because of so many regs and demands on Health Insurance).

If you need it ok. Although would see the attitude of entitlement which is disturbing. But this group would see that Israeli's don't have Hebrew as a language so with their government entitlement mentality they would see Israeli's as unimportant. Which this overly dependent status that some people have will usually see less of Jews involved which clearly is the case here and of course see Jews as weak simply because they are less for government dependence. Which is why big government attitudes never help Jews as Jews will be seen as weaker in that kind of environment then they are in reality. As you could see here on the NJ family care website of some languages supported but not Hebrew.

Walid Shoebat is a phony. Does not help the Jewish cause or the Christian cause or Mulims causes either.

I am offended and think it shows poor morality in our own right to use fake people to put down others.

That is the case with Walid Shoebat. He was never a Muslim nor was he was ever a terrorist.

Yet he pretends he is one. And since he was once a Muslim terrorist he can then say what he once because he was once part of that culture.

The problem is he never was. And we are wasting tax payer money on a guy that knows nothing about Muslim terrorism. Yet he uses this to promote ideas that are not helpful in fighting this battle.

I have issues with Islam but they are different then the ones this faker claims.

Yet him and other fake terrorists are used to indoctrinate young college students who don't know any better and this is shameful and does not help us.

Take a look at this site  Click Here that  exposes this fraud and he isn't the only one. The Jerusalem Post has exposed him as well as CNN and Debbie Schlussel all with far different backgrounds.

(Editor's note: I don't agree with the blog's seemingly anti-Israel slant. However, his claims on Shoebat are correct and have been reported independently by others.)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Intersting Blog "Birth Anarchy". Talks about Midwifery laws in some posts.

Very interesting web site. Here is an article of the situation in California. In which basically women can't be Midwives because they have to be under the direction of a Doctor and the malpractice insurance makes it an impossible arrangement.

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy July 4th

Happy Birthday America.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mohamad Qatani claims there was no Temple in Jerusalem. Imam for ICPC in Paterson, NJ.

OK. So how was the Christian Bible written. How comes Jews have Greek influences on their own religion in some of their terms like Synagogue meaning place of meeting. Diaspora which is a Greek term. The term Orthodox as well  (going to research it) also may be using a Greek term for religion since Greeks belong to the Greek Orthodox Church. Very disturbing to make up lies like this and claim Jews really are from New York or whatever. To lie like this and make false statements is very much against God. Here is one of his speeches. Just a bunch of lies and nothing else and this should be something that upsets Jews when people make false claims and deny the Temple existed. and in turn deny that God's presence existed in the Temple.

Thanks to the
 Investigative Project on Terrorism for translating this.
Downloaded from ICPC website

"First, brothers and sisters, we must understand that this land called Palestine has been an Arab land from 4,000 years ago before the presence of Abraham (upon him peace) It was an Arab land before Abraham (upon him peace) The first who inhabited it were the Arab Jebusites. We have a historical and geographic right. We must teach this to the young and our children."
"An Israeli named Nathan wrote a book of 400 pages in which he denied after studies, researches and excavations, he arrived at the result, that there was nothing named the Temple in that place. There is nothing to prove the presence of that Temple under or above al Aqsa."
"They are all immigrants, coming from where? Not even from the Bani Israil [Israelites] Not from the Bani Israil. Immigrants from Ukraine, Poland or New York."