Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers day. It took me 39 years to learn the good and bod of my father.

And my fathers father, my Grandfather.

Bothers me a lot that it took me 39 years to learn this and yet I knew about my mothers fathers who thankfully did have a son. My hebrew name is named after my mothers father since he died before I was born but thank God my Grandfather had a son who can continue his name as it really isn't my responsibility.

It doesn't speak well of my own upbringing in Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism that I never learned about my father until recently.

The good of what I learned is how my Grandfather got out of Hungary. 

Which I mentioned here in another post. Here is the link to this.

The bad of what I learned a few months before was the my father dodged the military.

With claiming he was studying for the clergy but my father is not a Rabbi. This does bother me and now I understand why my father didn't want to talk about his own family and my mother wanted a man that her family could look better but she really rewarded a man that was acting in a way that wasn't good and by doing so was encouraging more men to do the same. My father had very poor eyesight in one eye (above -10 Diopters of Myopia) which anyway may have disqualified but to not even let things happen and take such an easy way out that was fraudulent bothers me that I am the son of this.

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