Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers day. It took me 39 years to learn the good and bod of my father.

And my fathers father, my Grandfather.

Bothers me a lot that it took me 39 years to learn this and yet I knew about my mothers fathers who thankfully did have a son. My hebrew name is named after my mothers father since he died before I was born but thank God my Grandfather had a son who can continue his name as it really isn't my responsibility.

It doesn't speak well of my own upbringing in Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism that I never learned about my father until recently.

The good of what I learned is how my Grandfather got out of Hungary. 

Which I mentioned here in another post. Here is the link to this.

The bad of what I learned a few months before was the my father dodged the military.

With claiming he was studying for the clergy but my father is not a Rabbi. This does bother me and now I understand why my father didn't want to talk about his own family and my mother wanted a man that her family could look better but she really rewarded a man that was acting in a way that wasn't good and by doing so was encouraging more men to do the same. My father had very poor eyesight in one eye (above -10 Diopters of Myopia) which anyway may have disqualified but to not even let things happen and take such an easy way out that was fraudulent bothers me that I am the son of this.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Jewish way of following Taharat Mispacha (Family Purity) similar to Islam but not really the biblcal way.

That is the sad truth. Leviticus 15 is criticized by Islam as being too sexist towards women in women being impure during menstruation. All they do during this time is forbid relations although ignore the rest of it claiming that the Jewish bible's attitude is demeaning towards women.

Jews have to deflect this have said it is just a spiritual impurity but still it is there. We have to follow these laws for their to be able to approach the temple and God warns us guarding our impurities lest we die from being impure.

And yet we don't keep this the way it is suppose to be kept. Single women and men are mostly impure. 

This law does not apply just to married women. It applies to unmarried women of childbearing age. It has nothing to do with being married it has to do with a woman having her period.

And the impurity affects other women as well.

This idea it just affects the guys husband is absurd. And the Rabbis openly admit single woman post puberty and capable of bearing children are always impure but we have no temple so they can make up their own laws that really are us imitating other religions and this case Islam's behavior of women during this time then our own rules which are a little harder but I think are meant for women to understand their own responsibility during their childbearing years and using their sexuality properly.

IN Egypt it was kept though among some.

  Karaites kept it and maybe others too of during this time of women having this impurity and having to be separate and maybe this was partly to be different from the culture around them as sadly sometimes Jews will do something just to be different when in other cases they won't do it even though they should.


My comments on this Savage video about Metzizah Peh during circumcision

Which I agree with Savage that this is a custom and a pretty gross one at that in which it makes Jews look bad as well. I see no reason to accept any "oral" tradition as I wouldn't in any other area and I hold God to a high standard. Not lower then I would to another endeavor. Anyway I am Adam K here and it is really terrible to see people who want circumcision bad although again the reason seems to always be about some sort of "equality" of the genders and that women can't do this in their sexual organ with it being safe and therefore for men it can't be done.