Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Ariel Castro and his kipnapping of three girls.

Sort of sad that the guy who did this to these girls (as John  Gambling) interviewing Steven Portnoy) was a popular guy. It is sad our society in general. Obviously someone who does this his attitudes have to be perverted in his general attitudes and in a more normal society this guy wouldn't be popular in the first place. And his two brothers didn't know about it either. Seems strange that they didn't know "anything" about it.

I do think our society deserves some blame as a whole that nobody even says there is something strange about this guy. It would be one thing if this guy was a recluse but he wasn't. See the link above with this interview with John Gambling. Reposted from Facebook. 

In addition one of the boyfriend of these these three girls was constantly harassed even though he had nothing to do with it time and time again.

Thankfully though they are freed. 

The most disgusting part was that through abuse he forced five abortions and who knows if these women can  ever have children after this ordeal by this man who was living a double life. 

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