Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Ariel Castro and his kipnapping of three girls.

Sort of sad that the guy who did this to these girls (as John  Gambling) interviewing Steven Portnoy) was a popular guy. It is sad our society in general. Obviously someone who does this his attitudes have to be perverted in his general attitudes and in a more normal society this guy wouldn't be popular in the first place. And his two brothers didn't know about it either. Seems strange that they didn't know "anything" about it.

I do think our society deserves some blame as a whole that nobody even says there is something strange about this guy. It would be one thing if this guy was a recluse but he wasn't. See the link above with this interview with John Gambling. Reposted from Facebook. 

In addition one of the boyfriend of these these three girls was constantly harassed even though he had nothing to do with it time and time again.

Thankfully though they are freed. 

The most disgusting part was that through abuse he forced five abortions and who knows if these women can  ever have children after this ordeal by this man who was living a double life. 

How I celebrated the Shabbos during my Childhood and as a Teenager.

I was thinking about this. The bible does say we should work six days and rest on the 7th day.

However, as a kid growing would play sports sometimes on the Sabbath and if alone would usually play certain board games sometimes by myself. The first certainly isn't in the spirit of the day and the second was just doing something I liked without writing or using electricity.

Also I would read for school that I had an assignment for which also isn't in the spirit of the day. (This Challah bread looks moldy but whatever)

Would not write or use any electronics. That was the main  way to keep the Shabbath although you could read books related to school which as a kid as your main activity during the week.

So how did this impact me? 

Have to say into my 20's it certainly gave the impression that technology was bad. Certain activity that uses electronics may be work but others are not. Turning on a light certainly is NOT WORK. Building a fire was work but thanks to the invention of the light bulb creating light is no longer something that requires work as hitting a switch no one can claim is work.

Did watch too much TV as a kid and it was good I didn't do it on Saturday. Same with playing games on the computer. But that is an issue for 6 days of the week as well.

Do think it creates an environment of turning the time into a day to just dislike technology and that is not a good thing. As this has made the lives of both men and women much easier. It also creates people that lack a certain amount of humility by this as well as those who made life easier for all of us we can't use on Saturday even though hitting a switch is no more work then getting out of bed.

It did affect my early years when I was working as well that I didn't even think about the advantage of using technology as would do some accounting work on paper rather then using Excel.

Also so many people on Shabbos will focus on work just not use computers or electricity. Instead of using it for activities not related to work.

This especially comes into play now with e-readers which were specifically made for reading books and not having to stare at a LCD back lit screen that causes eye strain. If you have limited space e-readers are great in that you don't have to keep so many books around. It isn't work.

Although one item I have to admit is that as a kid I use to play sport dice game on the Shabbath and sometimes now when I am bored and lonely on my Sabbath I play a game similar to this on the computer. I have better things to do with my time then that but once in a while I admit I do it and play a statistical baseball game on my computer which was similar to what I did as a kid although doing it using dice and cards to keep score.