Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Night Shabbat at Lower East Synogague. The singing of a Friday night prayer while some women were talking.

Sadly Rabbis and organized religion does play on envy between the genders to benefit themselves at the expense of their own people.  Photo from:.

Some Jews claim that a women singing is somehow a problem calling it Kol Isha. I don't see what the issue is why shouldn't women sing when appropriate.  The idea it will make men act badly or just with uncontrollable lust is just absurd. 

Nothing biblical about it. But then when a song is son you hear guys singing it while women are chatting in their section of the shul. To me it is very annoying as if the women don't take the prayer seriously and men should pray or sing while they chat. I don't see the torah requiring Jews to pray 3 times a day in which they force the men to do this instead of sacrifices but the think is for sacrifices in appearing at the temple men were only required to show up three times a year not three time a day.

As this was going on I walked out it just made me uncomfortable to see men singing while women are just chatting in the women section. To be fair it was 2/3 women but still.

To me it just seemed like false prayer. We can pray to God as much as we want but if the female of our people just use this as an excuse to chat doesn't seem to be good for unity in a family. 

If you feel prayer is important (which in my own view prayer can't just be by wrote and wasn't required three times a day) but regardless if the men are doing something for God the women should want ot be part of rather then just chat about other things which that kind of attitude does not create a healthy environment as women just want men to use God so they can get ahead of their own men which is not a good thing and wanting to keep their own men does create serious problems.

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