Saturday, March 30, 2013

This false claim that 80% of Jews died in Egypt.

  Because they wanted to stay. And most claim they died during the plague of darkness. This is a view promoted by Rabbis but it has no biblical evidence. Sadly you have some self righteous who love to use holidays to promote hatred of their fellow Jew in a way that is hateful and shows no mercy unlike our own God and the type of people God wanted as leaders. Chaim Ben Pesach and Debbie Schussel are two examples of this kind of hate and lack of mercy to their own people simply because others (some who don't know any better) don't see things the way they do even though both of them like all of us have flaws in their own right.

  God punished one generation for being afraid to settle in Israel but let the children go in.

   The bible is clear during the sin of the spies that most Jews were not killed because of this. Their punishment was they could not go into Israel because they were afraid and attacked Moses and Aaron and Joshua and Caleb who told them not to listen to the other 10 spies who told them to be afraid to settle in Israel and they complained they should have stayed in Egypt. Yet the punishment was not to kill most of them but to force them to wander while allowing their children to enter.

  And in the plague of Darkness for God to just punish without warning would not be appropriate. 

   As how would this affect the other 20% who stayed alive. It just doesn't match the type and way God punishes in the bible. Which is usually mixed with mercy and some dialogue in this case they weren't yet ready to leave and God punishes on actions and behavior not just some thought that may go through your mind but you don't act on.

  Why 80% though

   Of course where did they plunk 80% from as well? My own thoughts are that basically 80% don't like the Rabbis at least among men and so in their mind they have no right to live. Of course the Rabbis being men don't have mercy like God does because they are just men and in this case men with very vain qualities like many religious leaders in organized religion which we imitate this in our own religion even though the family was the first source in the bible before any prophet even.

  This is terrible though and hatred being promoted by our religion

    As clearly the way God punished in the bible was to punish the parents but have mercy on the children of these parents. Not to completely destroy them which God originally proposed to Moses and Moses fought for his people of the consequence of doing this as it would make God look bad as well. But organized religion sadly can't see beyond their own agenda's.

  Any comments?

  See numbers chapter 13-14 for this whole episode.

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