Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking at Leviticus 15 again. Very Politically Incorrect.

Taking a look. To us modern people it is offensive for men to make their bedding and clothes impure if they release semon and a woman has a 7 day impure people of anything she sits on or reclines on.

I guess though it has to do with sexuality being used in the right way with women trying to use their attraction to mate and have children and a man as well not just wanting a pretty girl for pleasures without any consequences.

Although sadly the Rabbis have corrupted this by this only affecting married women and then this only applies to the husband and therefore unmarried women they admit are ALWAYS impure. Men too really don't have a mikvah either. And maybe they can work in an exile type existence but if there was a temple God warned not to have these impurities. (Leviticus 15:32-33)

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