Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A judge dismisses charge of a father breaking the nose of her daughters boy friend

    Currently reading part of the book Banished: A Memior.


    About a woman who is family joined the hated Westboro Baptist Church. What got me though is a judge (before they joined) allowing her father to break the nose of a 14 year old boy who was a neighbor and they were becoming friendly and were interested in becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. The parents of they teenage boy sued her father and the father did this because he was offended by the 14 year old's letter to his daughter in which he spoke of some sexual fantasies and they didn't do anything yet the judge dismissed the charges because of these notes as if some innocent notes by a 14 year old boy allows the father to break his nose and tell him to stay away from his daughter. It shows the mentality of some judges that actually hate any affection between a man and a woman and not only that. Allowed the father to place a restraining order on the 14 year old teenager who HE ATTACKED to stay away from his daughter. This is going on in America. Really sick. Yet this judge (which had no connection to the church and was before they joined by he got intereted) allowed the father to assault a 14 year old teenager simply for some love notes that she rights in the book were mostly innocent.

    This judge allowed this man to get out of control by throwing out charges in a clear assault. Why? It seems the judge himself has the same mentality of the father and to beat up any innocent relationship between two teenagers. Likely the judge has little affection in his own marriage so a little affection (even if a little immature) which enraged the father gives the father the right to beat up a 14 year old teenager and the teenager is the aggressor not this out of control father who obviously is jealous of any male friendship her daughter would have and reading this he was verbally and physically abusive to her as well. This is the mentality of many judges who also destroy marriages as they actually have the same type of jealousy of women being married and being influenced in some area's by their husbands.

  This also shows how in reality serious abuse in family is very much present and in fact with judges like this may be more common then in the past in the United States. By this disgusting church exists because of some of our overall injustice or many judges who only use their position to abuse others and therefore side with the wrong side. If this judge would have charged this father with assault and was punished maybe this guy would not become more and more radicalized as is the case in the book. 

   This is just terrible that this sick judge would allow a father (and this was before they were fully involved in this hateful church) to do this based on a note and you don't hear about these things because it doesn't fit some of the socialist agenda's. This girl was less then 100 pounds were her father was very big. 

  This doesn't make us a country to look up to.

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