Monday, March 04, 2013

Islam downplays Rebecca and Sarah and uses feminism to attract women instead.

And yet women who come from a Jewish father try to imitate Islam and other religions in wanting to focus on what men have and feminism and imitate the socialism of other societies that have kept these other societies down. We shouldn't imitate it. 
    I do work locally with those who are Egyptian and their native tongue is arabic. Despite what people think the women are pretty vocal and many are into feminism although it doesn't make them happy. The reality is that Mohammed had to put down the contribution of Rebecca which the area she knew more then Issac was the nature of her children. Feminism has women focusing on area's that in the end will have somewhat less credibility then a guy will and takes away area's that they clearly would have more leverage. So in doing this Mohammed and Islam has to go easy on women in other ways although it doesn't make them happy. In fact they feel the Jewish bible is too harsh in some cases towards women which God demands we don't have mercy on women that would promote paganism in Israel as they would end up negatively influencing others. 
    This the title of the article (above). And this was to address Christians by the way but applies to us as well as in many cases they see women in the light of what they think Rebecca who they think wasn't acting properly here and making up her own rules and this story was just how the bible got corrupted. But as mentioned below if women truly acting in the ways of Sarah and Rebecca are enemies would see that yes these women in these area's did have superior understanding then the men did.
    It is sad though that Jews don't seem to get that if women truly acted in the ways of the Patriarchs they would have to conclude that God's word to the Jews is true and it is clear why in those area's it was Sarah and Rebecca who had more influence then the men. But when want to be feminist they don't make themselves any better then any other women of any other culture. Obviously this means they don't accept what Sarah did either in that it was she who recognized that Ismael could not be part of the covenant. Although this is not the case of a father favoring the younger child as in fact Abraham was troubled by this and God did tell Abraham that Ismael would be a large and prosperous nation.

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