Saturday, March 30, 2013

This false claim that 80% of Jews died in Egypt.

  Because they wanted to stay. And most claim they died during the plague of darkness. This is a view promoted by Rabbis but it has no biblical evidence. Sadly you have some self righteous who love to use holidays to promote hatred of their fellow Jew in a way that is hateful and shows no mercy unlike our own God and the type of people God wanted as leaders. Chaim Ben Pesach and Debbie Schussel are two examples of this kind of hate and lack of mercy to their own people simply because others (some who don't know any better) don't see things the way they do even though both of them like all of us have flaws in their own right.

  God punished one generation for being afraid to settle in Israel but let the children go in.

   The bible is clear during the sin of the spies that most Jews were not killed because of this. Their punishment was they could not go into Israel because they were afraid and attacked Moses and Aaron and Joshua and Caleb who told them not to listen to the other 10 spies who told them to be afraid to settle in Israel and they complained they should have stayed in Egypt. Yet the punishment was not to kill most of them but to force them to wander while allowing their children to enter.

  And in the plague of Darkness for God to just punish without warning would not be appropriate. 

   As how would this affect the other 20% who stayed alive. It just doesn't match the type and way God punishes in the bible. Which is usually mixed with mercy and some dialogue in this case they weren't yet ready to leave and God punishes on actions and behavior not just some thought that may go through your mind but you don't act on.

  Why 80% though

   Of course where did they plunk 80% from as well? My own thoughts are that basically 80% don't like the Rabbis at least among men and so in their mind they have no right to live. Of course the Rabbis being men don't have mercy like God does because they are just men and in this case men with very vain qualities like many religious leaders in organized religion which we imitate this in our own religion even though the family was the first source in the bible before any prophet even.

  This is terrible though and hatred being promoted by our religion

    As clearly the way God punished in the bible was to punish the parents but have mercy on the children of these parents. Not to completely destroy them which God originally proposed to Moses and Moses fought for his people of the consequence of doing this as it would make God look bad as well. But organized religion sadly can't see beyond their own agenda's.

  Any comments?

  See numbers chapter 13-14 for this whole episode.

Happy Passover to everyone.

Wanted to wish everyone a happy passover. Sadly even though God saved the first born Jewish males I as a Jewish first born male spend most of the holiday alone and at this point feel almost as in many ways as a first born male am left to hang in the wind.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How my father and grandfather got out of Hungary.

Had lunch today with my father. And learned about how my Grandfather out of Hungary which he got out during the few weeks the borders were open in 1956 and was able to bribe the government to get the rest of the family out. He was put in prison for horror or horror's running a business but that ended up being a good thing as he was close to the border and able to get out and then got the rest of the family out and was temporarily in Austria where he was able to make money to bribe the government to get the rest of the family out. 

This came about when I showed my father the e-book I have ten year in the North Korea Gulag The A1quariums of Pyongyang. And how this guy got out as he had to bribe officials and do it with gifts at certain intervals as in communist countries they are more prone to take bribes. And my Grandfather had to bribe the government to get the rest of his family out. Although his brother remained in Hungary and had almost no family other then one daughter who ended up committing suicide. My Great Uncle who was my Great Grandparents first born. 

Looking at Leviticus 15 again. Very Politically Incorrect.

Taking a look. To us modern people it is offensive for men to make their bedding and clothes impure if they release semon and a woman has a 7 day impure people of anything she sits on or reclines on.

I guess though it has to do with sexuality being used in the right way with women trying to use their attraction to mate and have children and a man as well not just wanting a pretty girl for pleasures without any consequences.

Although sadly the Rabbis have corrupted this by this only affecting married women and then this only applies to the husband and therefore unmarried women they admit are ALWAYS impure. Men too really don't have a mikvah either. And maybe they can work in an exile type existence but if there was a temple God warned not to have these impurities. (Leviticus 15:32-33)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A judge dismisses charge of a father breaking the nose of her daughters boy friend

    Currently reading part of the book Banished: A Memior.


    About a woman who is family joined the hated Westboro Baptist Church. What got me though is a judge (before they joined) allowing her father to break the nose of a 14 year old boy who was a neighbor and they were becoming friendly and were interested in becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. The parents of they teenage boy sued her father and the father did this because he was offended by the 14 year old's letter to his daughter in which he spoke of some sexual fantasies and they didn't do anything yet the judge dismissed the charges because of these notes as if some innocent notes by a 14 year old boy allows the father to break his nose and tell him to stay away from his daughter. It shows the mentality of some judges that actually hate any affection between a man and a woman and not only that. Allowed the father to place a restraining order on the 14 year old teenager who HE ATTACKED to stay away from his daughter. This is going on in America. Really sick. Yet this judge (which had no connection to the church and was before they joined by he got intereted) allowed the father to assault a 14 year old teenager simply for some love notes that she rights in the book were mostly innocent.

    This judge allowed this man to get out of control by throwing out charges in a clear assault. Why? It seems the judge himself has the same mentality of the father and to beat up any innocent relationship between two teenagers. Likely the judge has little affection in his own marriage so a little affection (even if a little immature) which enraged the father gives the father the right to beat up a 14 year old teenager and the teenager is the aggressor not this out of control father who obviously is jealous of any male friendship her daughter would have and reading this he was verbally and physically abusive to her as well. This is the mentality of many judges who also destroy marriages as they actually have the same type of jealousy of women being married and being influenced in some area's by their husbands.

  This also shows how in reality serious abuse in family is very much present and in fact with judges like this may be more common then in the past in the United States. By this disgusting church exists because of some of our overall injustice or many judges who only use their position to abuse others and therefore side with the wrong side. If this judge would have charged this father with assault and was punished maybe this guy would not become more and more radicalized as is the case in the book. 

   This is just terrible that this sick judge would allow a father (and this was before they were fully involved in this hateful church) to do this based on a note and you don't hear about these things because it doesn't fit some of the socialist agenda's. This girl was less then 100 pounds were her father was very big. 

  This doesn't make us a country to look up to.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hugo Chavez and Anti-semitism.

From the Wikipedia entry on Hugo Chavez in which he also created much hatred of Jews in the country during his rule which wasn't common before his rule. Allegations of antisemitism. From wikipedia.

On 24 December 2005, Chávez stated that "[t]he world is for all of us, then, but it so happens that a minority, the descendants of the same ones that crucified Christ, the descendants of the same ones that kicked Bolívar out of here and also crucified him in their own way over there in Santa Marta, in Colombia. A minority has taken possession all of the wealth of the world."[238] Accusations of antisemitism have been leveled against Chávez because of these comments.[239] However, Steve Rendall and Jim Naureckas of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting questioned that interpretation, which they said was largely claimed by right-wing opinion journals.[240]

Hugo Chavez is dead at 58.

Yeah. The vicious dictator is dead. A man who is net worth was 2 billion although he claimed to be for the poor. He liked these idea of socialism because he can see how he can use one person's jealousy of another to steal that persons property. Of course the person being jealous wouldn't get it, only the government would.

Listening to Michael Savage in which me mentions despite this rhetoric of equality naked money and bribery was more prevalent then what they say in the past.

In addition crime skyrocketed because those who supported Chavez and got his handouts could do as they please.

This photograph was produced by Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Islam downplays Rebecca and Sarah and uses feminism to attract women instead.

And yet women who come from a Jewish father try to imitate Islam and other religions in wanting to focus on what men have and feminism and imitate the socialism of other societies that have kept these other societies down. We shouldn't imitate it. 
    I do work locally with those who are Egyptian and their native tongue is arabic. Despite what people think the women are pretty vocal and many are into feminism although it doesn't make them happy. The reality is that Mohammed had to put down the contribution of Rebecca which the area she knew more then Issac was the nature of her children. Feminism has women focusing on area's that in the end will have somewhat less credibility then a guy will and takes away area's that they clearly would have more leverage. So in doing this Mohammed and Islam has to go easy on women in other ways although it doesn't make them happy. In fact they feel the Jewish bible is too harsh in some cases towards women which God demands we don't have mercy on women that would promote paganism in Israel as they would end up negatively influencing others. 
    This the title of the article (above). And this was to address Christians by the way but applies to us as well as in many cases they see women in the light of what they think Rebecca who they think wasn't acting properly here and making up her own rules and this story was just how the bible got corrupted. But as mentioned below if women truly acting in the ways of Sarah and Rebecca are enemies would see that yes these women in these area's did have superior understanding then the men did.
    It is sad though that Jews don't seem to get that if women truly acted in the ways of the Patriarchs they would have to conclude that God's word to the Jews is true and it is clear why in those area's it was Sarah and Rebecca who had more influence then the men. But when want to be feminist they don't make themselves any better then any other women of any other culture. Obviously this means they don't accept what Sarah did either in that it was she who recognized that Ismael could not be part of the covenant. Although this is not the case of a father favoring the younger child as in fact Abraham was troubled by this and God did tell Abraham that Ismael would be a large and prosperous nation.