Monday, February 18, 2013

Turn 40 in about 5 months.

Can't believe turn 40 in about 5 months. My life is pretty lonely but I guess things could be worse although I really don't want to end up without anyone coming after me which because of my age now and mostly working so-so jobs that may be fate which I blame behavior in the past by my own family and the so called Jewish community for the situation that I now face as I can't turn back the clock.

  •  My own family and other Jews who call themselves Orthodox like Greeks and Russians (although I think this comes from Greeks) and my extended family have felt that using my prime years was a good time to put me down and use me as a scapegoat and try to ..
  •  Jews are sacrificing Jewish men and some Jewish women and their won children for various disgusting causes and I don't know what is going to be because to do this or support this God clearly warns us in the bible if we do this we will suffer serious punishments.
    Sharing some thoughts that I mentioned on Facebook.

    • Some additional thoughts for those who checked my blog out here. The age issue is an issue for a number of reasons on my own side including the age you can be when a woman is still of childbearing age and you can get her pregnant and I don't know what my wife to be on the pill and on FDA drug which long term use is not good for her anyway and reduces her own muscle tone as it reduces the lesser amount of testosterone a women produces to lower levels. While God meant sexual intimacy to be something that gives a person pleasure it also though should have attached to it some responsibility as otherwise the other person is just there for our own personal pleasure and that isn't a good thing. Also it seems wrong for Rabbis somehow to claim using a condom is wrong but using a woman using a drug is ok although the pill does reduce a woman's libido. That is just how I feel at this point and when intimacy is seen as an act that has social responsibility to it then we want to make the world a better place so people can support children they may have from this act.

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