Sunday, January 06, 2013

WOR now under Clear Channel has 9/11 truther host Clyde Lewis

 Very disturbing. Clear Channel is beginning their take over of WOR radio and the last few weeks some big changes were made. The whole evening schedule has changed. I wasn't crazy about the prior hosts (Doyle was only there because Savage left TRN) and Huckabee on occasion had something interesting to say although on some issues would not agree with him. Was disturbed he blamed the murder of these children and why God wasn't there just because of his own religious agenda's which he has made a living in this way as well. But at least he had a dialogue and wasn't just in your face. Anyway I digress. One more paragraph before the biggest issue here that the title is about.

  New host lower quality and less decency. More libertarian bent.

  The hosts now (the new evening hosts of Dean, and then John and Ken) just seemed obnoxious just to be obnoxious. And it doesn't make for radio that  is interesting to listen to with smug obnoxious hosts. They are syndicated by Premium, a sub of Clear Channel. The one major host they have full control over is Rush Limbaugh. Beck not sure (created by Mercury Arts but no restriction mentioned)  and Hannity is a employee of Citadel from what I read and on wikipeida  the site says "Premiere Radio handles distribution and sales only." next to Hannity. It seems they can't control where he works which they can for Limbaugh and have heard they have done this to take him away from a competing radio station and to their clear channel station even after being on that station for a long time. But other then Limbaugh and possibly Beck who to be fair I don't listen to but are nevertheless popular but many of their syndicated hosts are of much lower quality then other syndication  which I feel with these 2 shows being played from 6 PM - 11 PM over better programs but by another syndication.

  But this pales to this show they have at 11:00 PM Clyde Lewis

   This guy has good rating in Portland to which he got syndicated just recently. This man Clyde Lewis claims 9/11 had nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladin And that Dick Chaney was involved. And Bush was just going along as the dummy. Also supports (no surprise) Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. Claims that that there is child sacrifice in CA by the Bohemian Grove. And that this should be a Christian nation but they pretend to be but are pagans. This is so disgusting there is nothing to say. I guess the name Mohammad Atta was made up too. He clearly is a very evil man that facts  hurt his agenda which clearly his own twisted religious ideas are what is important that let us not let facts get in the way. He uses a lot of religious terminology that Christians use. Which ok.

  But ignore facts when it doesn't fit your twisted religious ideas

  Which is what this Clyde Lewis character does. He is no different then any other radical of another group that will make up crazy conspiracy theories because the reality doesn't fit their agenda.

  Here is the link to the Q & A

  Here are some questions from the interview.

Was 9/11 what it appears to be or was there a conspiracy that orchestrated it?
Yes, there was a conspiracy orchestrating it. 9/11 is not what it appears to be.
What is the biggest piece of evidence of that?
The Twin Towers were dynamited; it’s obvious.
How do you cover up a conspiracy like that? Who blew up the Twin Towers?
Dick Cheney is the orchestrator behind all the problems of 9/11. It reflects the Project for the New American Century.
Was George Bush in on it?
No. I don’t think George Bush was in on any of it. I think George Bush was a puppet. I am sympathetic toward George W. I believe he eventually found himself in a situation where Cheney told him, you know, you got blood on your hands, you better not speak.
Karl Rove?
Was Osama Bin Laden responsible in any way for 9/11?
Do you think that the concept of a Manchurian candidate is possible?
Charles Manson was a failed Manchurian candidate. George Bush is a Manchurian candidate.
W, was programmed?
Of course he was. Look the way he was acting in that school on 9/11. Andrew Card whispered to him a trigger phrase and he woke right up and went back to being president again.
Okay. What would happen if Ron Paul got elected?
Ron Paul is a remarkable human being, he is a remarkable patriot, a remarkable presidential candidate and he is a professional candidate. If we implemented his policies and ideas—we couldn’t, because the president answers to other people. Ron Paul is a fighter. Ron Paul believes in ideals. Ron Paul is an anomaly. I am a big fan of Ron Paul, but I wouldn’t vote for him.



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