Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Which insects are Kosher.

Interesting the chapter in Leviticus 11 which discusses Kosher and Non-Kosher animals, birds, and insects.

And insects that have jumping legs are Kosher. This is what is says. "Every flying insect that uses four legs for walking shall be avoided by you. The only flying insects with four walking legs you may eat are those with knees extending above their feet, [using these longer legs] to hop on the ground. Among these you may only eat members of the red locust family, the yellow locust family, the spotted gray locust family and the white locust family. All other flying insects with four feet [for walking] must be avoided by you (Leviticus 11:20-23)"

What gets me though is some communities eat it and some don't Rather then learn from another community if one community have not eaten it and their "tradition" doesn't mention it then they still consider it un-kosher. That is silly as we should try to learn from a group that does know it if we aren't aware of it and it certainly tells us what the characteristics are. For Ashkanazic Jews to simply hold something maybe because they weren't as poor and didn't eat this as Sephardim may have just seems to not show any intellectual honesty in trying to learn and understand a legitimate position from a group that lived in a different country and may know something you don't in relations to insects in the bible. Why continue to make everything forbidden as the laws of certain animals being allowed to be eaten and others not clearly must have wisdom by God for this. 

And the Rabbis claim we should learn from others. But they don't practice what they preach as they do not want to learn from other men who may know something they don't. But if they don't know it they should continue to live in the dark. Same attitude towards men in any area that have knowledge they don't. It is not a good thing more so since the Torah was not given to a few men who know more then everyone else which is just us imitating the way most religions are with a man and his followers claiming God spoke to them but that isn't the case with the God of Israel and Moses speaking to the Jewish nation and writing down these laws. 

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