Sunday, January 06, 2013

Still blocked from Posting on Facebook fo another weel.

   Blech. What are you gong to do? Think it is crazy. The so called "women" that snitched is a women that loves the male religious leaders and that is "tradition" and has a son yet no husband or father to speak of or mention. These type of women LOVE TO GET JEWISH MEN IN TROUBLE and obviously THE RABBIS LOVE IT TOO.

It is good way to keep other men down and force their agenda and others hiding behind women that hate the men in their own family and using harassment laws to force their views on others and silences other men. It is no wonder what I said which wasn't even that bad and I didn't even know the least of it (that she had a son with no father but the Rabbis seem to love this boy not having a father even though she doesn't follow the male Rabbis rules) as all I told her is some Rabbi is telling you are from the seed of David which they can't know as only your father would and she got all defensive I guess because it hit a raw nerve and they try to overcompensate. Not all Jews are from the seed of David. After all Judah is a whole tribe and David was one person from that tribe and if through father to son if it is traced that would be the only way it would be known. A Rabbi can't know but it upset that by saying this is makes her look like a brainwashed idiot so get the person who made the comment in trouble and shoot the messenger. That is real love and peace.

  These so called male religious who she claims tradition says we have to follow even though she doesn't follow them but they don't care because getting rid of a Jewish husband gives them more power let her create a horrible environment for her son.

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