Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Oy! What are we going to with Rabbis that will let young women disobey their rules.

It is amazing to me. Women who openly violate the rules they feel should be in place for the Sabbath and claim they would be stoned to death yet the women support these male Rabbis when they are openly violating their rules.

So what is this all about? 

If they can openly violate their rules (for example using electricity on Shabbos which according to their rules you can't do) yet the male Rabbi likes the young woman and the young woman likes the male Rabbis and their leadership even though they openly violate the rules the Rabbi claims they should follow and have no problem with that and claim they would have been stoned to death in a prior time. That is the kind of young woman the Rabbis like to have around. Hmm. Doesn't seem right.

It seems to me these rules are only for certain people. 

The reality is any person the Rabbi doesn't like he can find something to claim well gee that person isn't following the Torah and that is why we don't want anything to do with this man or be part of our so called community.

They become the helpmate of the Rabbis or even God in their own warped 

That the Rabbis promote. The Rabbis have a wife so they don't know other single women to promote their ideas as they are other Jewish men out there. And God does not need a wife. Going back to the story of Adam and Eve God created Eve from Adam's rib and took a part of a man to make a woman. But God has both aspects. So God is not a man with a rib taken out and does not need a wife like a man does to be complete. Sorry!!!

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