Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! Not! Wait till March.Happy 11th month

   So it is just 2012 years after the time of Jesus. Although no one knows when he was born and Christmas today really is mixing in some pagan practices. And what does December and Dec mean. 10. So December was once the 10th month. Oct Means 8. October was once the 8th month. So how did it become the 12th month. Answer. 2 month were added I think July and August to make December the 12th month. Really not the New Year. This would make the real new year the day after February 28th. Interestingly this is around the time of the real New Year according to the bible. As this was 2 weeks before Passover which was the 15th of the 1st month. Passover usually comes out from late March- Mid April although over time the date is on average later then when the calender started as every 1,000 years the average date is about 5 days later as the calender created was miscalculated based on what was commonly thought the length of the year was 365 and 1/4 days which was just an approximation.

  Anyway so before Jews and Christians and their so called religious and political leaders (which intersect most of the time as well) decided to change the calender to fit certain needs (for Jews to make a holiday of the New Year like others and Christians to fit the calender around the holiday of Christmas) we would be celebrating the New Year around the same time. All I can say is. Happy 11th month. 

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