Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bibi Netanyahu accuses Naftali Bennett of being "anti-women"

   Sad that Israeli politics is as corrupt as American politics. Bennett is just a middle of the road guy like Romney and Netanyahu is using the feminist playbook that Obama used on Romney. He doesn't even live in Judea and Sameria as he has said his wife is secular and he backed off on  a comment about a soilder not going along with the military when asking them to kick Jews out of their home for no crime they committed.Many evils have been created following orders!! Yet he backed down which doesn't show a guy with any real convictions of these issues that is needed which he clearly doesn't have.

   Based on envy politics is the feminist playbook. To get a women's vote they do this kind of crap which doesn't help anyone other then themselves anyway to play on women getting special rights from the men in the government. This was likely one reason why the founding fathers like other men didn't think they should be wanting women to vote for them because it is too easy to then use women for your own gains and the people that are hurt are the men not in government who make up the majority of the male population. Women aren't stupid and should know what is going on but being in a somehwhat more dependent state then the average man in their prime years  this can be taken advantage by corrupt men which wasn't wanted. In addition to the fact men are the ones that are first (and rightly so) to protect their family and such.And if they are called to war would not just a man who is endless war guy while women it doesn't affect them quite the same way. But anyway, I digress. 

  Here is the article on Steven Pault site. Calling Bennett anti-women for reasons that actaully the situation is the opposite. Steven Pault himself is against this feminst cause (which I admit I am too) that Netanyahu supports although Bennett clearly is not in any way despite Bibi's claim. It is sad when man have to be sent to war this is what is going on.

 From Steven Paut.

A demonstration of the remarkable success of Naftali Bennett and
his party is apparent in the vicious attack ads and dirty tricks being
used by Netanyahu and the Likud against them.  The Likud has joined
forces with the radical Left in trying to demonize Bennett and his
team, because they all find Bennett's success so alarming.

   Nevertheless, the tactic of the Likud over the past week in trying
to paint Bennett as "anti-women" is the finest illustration of the
lack of integrity and decency in the Likud and the extent to which it
feels threatened by Bennett's growing juggernaut.

    Last week the Likud, probably under direct orders by Bibi, placed
attack ads in all the Israeli media accusing Bennett of having "woman
haters" on his party slate.  Likud statements accused Bennett of
hostility to women.  The accusations were entirely based on the fact
that one member of the Bennett (Jewish Home Party) slate, Rabbi Eli
Ben Dahan who is number four on the list of candidates,  had called
for the elimination of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women.
What further proof is required?, scream the Likud hacks.

     Well, first of all, eliminating the Knesset Committee on the
status of women would not be such a bad idea.  Its main activities in
the past have been in pressing for dumbing down standards, promoting
the implementation of gender quotas, "affirmative action" and nature
double standards, gender preferences, and other silly ideas that harm
women and create the general suspicion that any woman who is
successful must have made it up the slippery pole because of such
discrimination.  Ask why many black families in the US refuse to send
their children to a black dentist and you will understand the point.

      But that is just MY reason for thinking the committee should be
shut down.  So what is Rabbi Ben Dahan's reason and what did he really
say?  Well, it turns out, and you would know this only if you read
Makor Rishon, that the actual quote by Rabbi Ben Dahan was to call for
the elimination of the Knesset Committee on Women because he wanted to
merge it together with the Knesset Committee on the Welfare of
Children, claiming that the merged committee would be far more
powerful and effective and influential!

   Yes, the guy who the Likud claims is the epitome of male chauvinism
in Bennett's slate simply called for making the efforts of the
Committee on Women MORE effective!!   The Likud showed its lack of
integrity and willingness to engage in sleaze and distortion in order
to make a few fleeting political points, and counted on no one ever
checking to see what Ben Dahan had REALLY said!  But that is what he
really said!

    The other interesting point being that Bennett has three times as
many women in the senior positions on his party slate than the Likud

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