Sunday, January 06, 2013

Be careful of this Ariella Butler on Facebook.

   Just to let people know. She did take down a picture she had of herself that made it seem like she is single trying to attract a guy. She does have a son yet nothing about the father of this child. Yet she defends the male Rabbis even though she doesn't follow their rules. It looks like on both sides it just shows how the Rabbis with their own rules don't really believe in them and only use them for political reasons.

  She willl get upset if your comment makes her look bad and can't handle a differing opinion. And you get flagged for that as Facebook as a man telling a women she shouldn't be listening to a corrupt Rabbi could be considered "harassment". And you don't want this. I feel bad for her son who has to live in such a horrible environment. Shame again on the Male Rabbis for promoting immorality  for others that is polluting us as a people and in some cases polluting the land of Israel and filling it with immorality and depravity. Her son likely can't say anything about anything because their mother will go crazy if he says anything that she doesn't want to hear.

  PS, I myself from my own understanding see nothing relevant about Rabbis and if there was a temple they would not have a role as you have to be a Cohen. Their role developed in the exile as we imitating other nations and how they practiced religion. They are a product of our exile and all I can say is if you are a Rabbi see for yourself. Most of the them hate their own bible and actually pick on Jewish to make women happy because of envy of men in the bible and God giving them certain roles that God seems to clearly feel they should be done by men. But they play on envy politics which is the biggest reason it is a farce because any person who truly obeys God would have to question why envy politics is being used by people who claim to be speaking for God when this violates the 10th command of not being jealous of another man's property, or wife and a general command against envy which in this case God was speaking to adult able bodied men obviously.

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Analytical Adam said...

I do apologize as a comment got deleted that I hit the wrong button. But anyway it isn't Loshan Hara to warn people that someone if that are quick to snitch on Facebook. Other then someone making threats I have never snitched on anyone on facebook. And being mean spirited and assuming that I am the wrong party is already showing you don't believe in fairness which is my point. Actually I wasn't being mean spirited and it is funny for people who talk about being positive all the time when it comes to Jewish men they always "assume" a negative. Which is exactly why I am warning people to be careful. Hopefully Ariella will change her ways and not be so quick to snitch on Facebook as people can see this dated and take it for what it is.

I am sorry you lack a sense of fairness which is very ungodly and are making excuses for Ariella to snitch on Facebook which other people should be aware to be careful in having a conversation with her because she may "assume" you are being mean spirited when you are not.