Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Been busy because of tax season.

Will continue to be busy until April 15th of course. Death and Taxes but Taxes sadly seem to get harder and harder.

Naftali Bennett wants weekend to be Sunday too

In Israel he wants to possibly extend the weekend to Sunday???

Now why Mr. Bennett do that?? Israel has Sunday like Monday in Christian countries as it should as Sunday is the 1st day of the week Yom Rishon and Israel does it according to God by having Friday to prepare for the Sabbath and Sunday just an ordinary day as it should be and I living in America wish I lived in Israel where it is like this and yet Mr. Bennett wants to change this to make a 3-day weekend which Israel can't afford this.  I suspect the reason is simply appeasement. Another reason is to pander to those who are lazy and want long weekends. However, none of this is in line with the bible and it weakens the Israeli economy. It may help Mr. Bennett consolidate power because those that are lazy love government handouts. Which of course he can use (as all politicians do) as a way to control you since you are dependent on the government.

This doesn't show a man who truly is a man who loves and fears God. It is a man who is an appeaser and wants to make variance alliances and thinks by dong this he will have tremendous power. Does he think about his own people. I don't know.

The fact is his wealth was through a High Tech Firm he was the CFO I believe. But he does not have a degree in high tech. So his role was obviously some other role since he had a law degree.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bibi Netanyahu accuses Naftali Bennett of being "anti-women"

   Sad that Israeli politics is as corrupt as American politics. Bennett is just a middle of the road guy like Romney and Netanyahu is using the feminist playbook that Obama used on Romney. He doesn't even live in Judea and Sameria as he has said his wife is secular and he backed off on  a comment about a soilder not going along with the military when asking them to kick Jews out of their home for no crime they committed.Many evils have been created following orders!! Yet he backed down which doesn't show a guy with any real convictions of these issues that is needed which he clearly doesn't have.

   Based on envy politics is the feminist playbook. To get a women's vote they do this kind of crap which doesn't help anyone other then themselves anyway to play on women getting special rights from the men in the government. This was likely one reason why the founding fathers like other men didn't think they should be wanting women to vote for them because it is too easy to then use women for your own gains and the people that are hurt are the men not in government who make up the majority of the male population. Women aren't stupid and should know what is going on but being in a somehwhat more dependent state then the average man in their prime years  this can be taken advantage by corrupt men which wasn't wanted. In addition to the fact men are the ones that are first (and rightly so) to protect their family and such.And if they are called to war would not just a man who is endless war guy while women it doesn't affect them quite the same way. But anyway, I digress. 

  Here is the article on Steven Pault site. Calling Bennett anti-women for reasons that actaully the situation is the opposite. Steven Pault himself is against this feminst cause (which I admit I am too) that Netanyahu supports although Bennett clearly is not in any way despite Bibi's claim. It is sad when man have to be sent to war this is what is going on.

 From Steven Paut.

A demonstration of the remarkable success of Naftali Bennett and
his party is apparent in the vicious attack ads and dirty tricks being
used by Netanyahu and the Likud against them.  The Likud has joined
forces with the radical Left in trying to demonize Bennett and his
team, because they all find Bennett's success so alarming.

WOR now under Clear Channel has 9/11 truther host Clyde Lewis

 Very disturbing. Clear Channel is beginning their take over of WOR radio and the last few weeks some big changes were made. The whole evening schedule has changed. I wasn't crazy about the prior hosts (Doyle was only there because Savage left TRN) and Huckabee on occasion had something interesting to say although on some issues would not agree with him. Was disturbed he blamed the murder of these children and why God wasn't there just because of his own religious agenda's which he has made a living in this way as well. But at least he had a dialogue and wasn't just in your face. Anyway I digress. One more paragraph before the biggest issue here that the title is about.

  New host lower quality and less decency. More libertarian bent.

  The hosts now (the new evening hosts of Dean, and then John and Ken) just seemed obnoxious just to be obnoxious. And it doesn't make for radio that  is interesting to listen to with smug obnoxious hosts. They are syndicated by Premium, a sub of Clear Channel. The one major host they have full control over is Rush Limbaugh. Beck not sure (created by Mercury Arts but no restriction mentioned)  and Hannity is a employee of Citadel from what I read and on wikipeida  the site says "Premiere Radio handles distribution and sales only." next to Hannity. It seems they can't control where he works which they can for Limbaugh and have heard they have done this to take him away from a competing radio station and to their clear channel station even after being on that station for a long time. But other then Limbaugh and possibly Beck who to be fair I don't listen to but are nevertheless popular but many of their syndicated hosts are of much lower quality then other syndication  which I feel with these 2 shows being played from 6 PM - 11 PM over better programs but by another syndication.

  But this pales to this show they have at 11:00 PM Clyde Lewis

Father avoided draft with religious study to be clergy.

  Very disappointed to learn this although it explains a lot. My father was born in 1946 and last week from being on line it occurred to me from reading about Rush Limbaugh and his avoidance of the draft that my father being born in 1946 would have been subjected to the draft. Has never mentioned it my whole life and thought that his year of birth was already passed that time but hit me last week that this wasn't the case.

   So I decided to call him last week and ask him.

   Which I did! What did I find out. I first asked him if he was exempt because of his one eye that is very bad. Over -10 myopia. Asked him and told me he got out because he used the excuse that he was studying for the clergy which for Jews would be to be a Rabbi and/or doing some religious service. Since know nothing of this it was likely just a sham. And the way my father said it didn't sound it was sincere just to get out of being drafted.

  It hit me why my father loves Rabbis so much.

  It now makes sense. Nothing to do with God. Used them and hiding behind religious to get exempted from what many men had to do. Was this common  with fathers so called "religious friends" as well? I find it disturbing as my father didn't even want to waste any time with this which if it was because of his eye sight he would have to go thorough the whole process and he told me that he didn't have to go through it.

Be careful of this Ariella Butler on Facebook.

   Just to let people know. She did take down a picture she had of herself that made it seem like she is single trying to attract a guy. She does have a son yet nothing about the father of this child. Yet she defends the male Rabbis even though she doesn't follow their rules. It looks like on both sides it just shows how the Rabbis with their own rules don't really believe in them and only use them for political reasons.

  She willl get upset if your comment makes her look bad and can't handle a differing opinion. And you get flagged for that as Facebook as a man telling a women she shouldn't be listening to a corrupt Rabbi could be considered "harassment". And you don't want this. I feel bad for her son who has to live in such a horrible environment. Shame again on the Male Rabbis for promoting immorality  for others that is polluting us as a people and in some cases polluting the land of Israel and filling it with immorality and depravity. Her son likely can't say anything about anything because their mother will go crazy if he says anything that she doesn't want to hear.

Still blocked from Posting on Facebook fo another weel.

   Blech. What are you gong to do? Think it is crazy. The so called "women" that snitched is a women that loves the male religious leaders and that is "tradition" and has a son yet no husband or father to speak of or mention. These type of women LOVE TO GET JEWISH MEN IN TROUBLE and obviously THE RABBIS LOVE IT TOO.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Which insects are Kosher.

Interesting the chapter in Leviticus 11 which discusses Kosher and Non-Kosher animals, birds, and insects.

And insects that have jumping legs are Kosher. This is what is says. "Every flying insect that uses four legs for walking shall be avoided by you. The only flying insects with four walking legs you may eat are those with knees extending above their feet, [using these longer legs] to hop on the ground. Among these you may only eat members of the red locust family, the yellow locust family, the spotted gray locust family and the white locust family. All other flying insects with four feet [for walking] must be avoided by you (Leviticus 11:20-23)"

What gets me though is some communities eat it and some don't Rather then learn from another community if one community have not eaten it and their "tradition" doesn't mention it then they still consider it un-kosher. That is silly as we should try to learn from a group that does know it if we aren't aware of it and it certainly tells us what the characteristics are. For Ashkanazic Jews to simply hold something maybe because they weren't as poor and didn't eat this as Sephardim may have just seems to not show any intellectual honesty in trying to learn and understand a legitimate position from a group that lived in a different country and may know something you don't in relations to insects in the bible. Why continue to make everything forbidden as the laws of certain animals being allowed to be eaten and others not clearly must have wisdom by God for this. 

Oy! What are we going to with Rabbis that will let young women disobey their rules.

It is amazing to me. Women who openly violate the rules they feel should be in place for the Sabbath and claim they would be stoned to death yet the women support these male Rabbis when they are openly violating their rules.

So what is this all about? 

If they can openly violate their rules (for example using electricity on Shabbos which according to their rules you can't do) yet the male Rabbi likes the young woman and the young woman likes the male Rabbis and their leadership even though they openly violate the rules the Rabbi claims they should follow and have no problem with that and claim they would have been stoned to death in a prior time. That is the kind of young woman the Rabbis like to have around. Hmm. Doesn't seem right.

It seems to me these rules are only for certain people. 

The reality is any person the Rabbi doesn't like he can find something to claim well gee that person isn't following the Torah and that is why we don't want anything to do with this man or be part of our so called community.

They become the helpmate of the Rabbis or even God in their own warped 

That the Rabbis promote. The Rabbis have a wife so they don't know other single women to promote their ideas as they are other Jewish men out there. And God does not need a wife. Going back to the story of Adam and Eve God created Eve from Adam's rib and took a part of a man to make a woman. But God has both aspects. So God is not a man with a rib taken out and does not need a wife like a man does to be complete. Sorry!!!

Happy New Year! Not! Wait till March.Happy 11th month

   So it is just 2012 years after the time of Jesus. Although no one knows when he was born and Christmas today really is mixing in some pagan practices. And what does December and Dec mean. 10. So December was once the 10th month. Oct Means 8. October was once the 8th month. So how did it become the 12th month. Answer. 2 month were added I think July and August to make December the 12th month. Really not the New Year. This would make the real new year the day after February 28th. Interestingly this is around the time of the real New Year according to the bible. As this was 2 weeks before Passover which was the 15th of the 1st month. Passover usually comes out from late March- Mid April although over time the date is on average later then when the calender started as every 1,000 years the average date is about 5 days later as the calender created was miscalculated based on what was commonly thought the length of the year was 365 and 1/4 days which was just an approximation.

  Anyway so before Jews and Christians and their so called religious and political leaders (which intersect most of the time as well) decided to change the calender to fit certain needs (for Jews to make a holiday of the New Year like others and Christians to fit the calender around the holiday of Christmas) we would be celebrating the New Year around the same time. All I can say is. Happy 11th month.