Sunday, December 30, 2012

Someone wanted to think they are biologically the decendents of King David

And if you don't agree with her she gets upset and snitched to Facebook (as I don't know who else would do this)

about my post that it is an inappropriate post that all it said was that  not all Jews from the tribe of Judah are from David. So how does she know she is from David? Well "tradition" says so. What tradition. Some male Rabbi brainwashing her (telling her that she is from the lineage of David) which she wants to be part of since they likely put down other Jewish which she likes. The only one who would know would be her father. But whatever the male religious tell her must be true and anyone who doesn't agree you have the right to get that post removed. Like a true fascist and snitch.

She also claims she would be stoned to death yet loves the male religious leaders and thinks we should follow them like Moses even when they say things that clearly make no sense. She knows they are despots when she makes comments like this as obviously it wasn't something done every day and clearly circumstances would be looked at in certain cases.

But this kind of anti-intellectualism is bad news. Facebook believes ideas of the bible would be a term violation it seems and some who claim to care about the torah have no problem trying to get posts deleted when they are making up their rules because some male religious leader told them and they are being the male religious leaders helpmate which shows the male religious leader is just using the God of Israel for his false power which is very wrong and they would have no problem getting another Jew in trouble if they have real differences not to rebel but based on trying to study the issue at hand. They act more like Pharoh then anyone else as they would like to enslave other men and by doing so other men will be unable to question them.

(Update: It is also should be pointed out which is true that this discussion happened on the Shabbath. Which discussing torah online or what the torah really says that would be part of the Shabbath any more then having a discussion at a diner table. According to Rabbis though they don't allow that because any form of electricity is not allowed even though you are not doing the work. It is the electric that is and all you have to do is push a button. But anyway, she is openly violated what the Rabbis said which she claims you have to follow them yet she doesn't and yet clearly these leaders don't care. If a woman is useful for their own agendas and also is young and attractive in some cases they can do as they please and these male Jewish religious leaders will say nothing but to snitch on a Jewish man that is ok and rewarded even if that person openly what they claim to want. Leaders like that of course why should they be listened to or trusted.) After all I don't got by Facebook or anyone else on this type of discussion. Anyway back to the original post.)

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