Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nancy Lanza was a prepper.

    One last post on the horrific murder by Adam Lanza. This about her mother again.

   This is what was reported.From the article. It also emerged that Mrs Lanza had spoken of her fears less than a week before the attack that she was “losing” her son. “She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him,” said a friend of Mrs Lanza who did not want to be named.

  From reading she didn't share her son Adam with others which in some respects would be a good thing.   Although her family knew about her extreme ideology and encouraged it and what annoys me is if the world is coming to an end wouldn't it be a good idea to not break up the family by suing for divorce. That is the biggest upheavel here. Breaking up the family unit which is the most basic unit that a healthy society needs.

  And her son took it bad as did the father initially. This home life must have been hell being with a mother with such extremist ideas and not really feeling she should make the world more stable by her own behavior and her family encouraging this. If a boy is troubled removing the father couldn't have helped although the father in the end didn't seem to put up much of a fight but much less checks and balances and who knows what she told her son when a son becomes a replacement for a husband you divorced. This post discusses that he was devastated.

  So it seems the kid needed a father figure who was at best very meek and gave to a woman whatever she wanted. And he immersed himself in video games and had a mother that believed in the end times and herself was acting in ways that don't show a lot of concern for others just oneself and her family supported her extremist behavior.

  But in end the kid himself seem to want to do as much damage as possible as info is coming out that he did load the weapon for the highest impact and as stated some kids were shot 11 times!!! Horrible what this kid did. And killing children which even a video game doesn't have this kind of situation of killing children like this. The only thing I can thing in his own twisted mind he was preventing other children from having to live the tortured life he did of being labeled as troubled and no one really caring. And stuck with a mother who herself didn't exhibit healthy behavior to allow him any contacts with other adults and only with this crazy ideas that she believed.


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