Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mass Murder of children and women by Madman Adam Lanza. .

Who is to blame for this? I was on Facebook and had an interesting discussion with 2 women who posted on one of my posts on facebook.

 The son Adam used the weapons of the mother. Who was a big gun fan.

  In addition she did not let others into her home for over 15 years including those she played dice games and they themselves didn't find that odd. She did go outside to show men who worked in her home the guns she owned.

  She was the daughter of police while her husband (who she divorced) was an accountant.

  She pulled him from school in 10th grade it seems a little after the divorce.

    She collected 250,000 a year in alimony after the divorce although he did have custody on weekends but spent the time it sounds like going on trips and he was devastated according to reports but gave what to her wife and more according to reports.  So she didn't have to work and college also was paid by the ex so she could become more and more delutional in hor own right with no husband and her only contact the son she took out of school. The brother was living away from home in NJ.

  The father got remarried and it seems in general on an emotional level did not want to set any sort of discipline and let her wife do everything in all areas and got remarried (nothing wrong with) but he should have been concerned about his son being pulled from school and spending all this time with his mother who didn't have to work and her overall strange behavior.

  So my feeling is the biggest cause of this was 1. A woman having many weapons and not being secure 2. Men themsleves believing their role is simply to be an ATM machine and never standing up to their wife and children. 3. A society that feels women are always victims and can never have problems themselves and women, the husband, and other ignored the many odd behaviors of the women that were for a long period of time and should have raised alarm bells. In addition she fought with the school that her son be raised a certain way or blamed the school for her sons problems which may have to do partly with a father not being emotionally involved which is what society to tell men to be. Just ATM machines.

  This son obviously had a lot of rage from his mother basically living a strange life and denying him any social contacts.To which nobody said boo and blamed him. Obviously living in an environment like this caused him many delusions as well and he was quick to kill himself as obviously he saw no purpose in his own life.  This behavior is similar to suicide bombers in many ways who kill innocent people as well as their own life and it is a similar type of environment according to studies in Israel of them having weak fathers which makes them easy to brainwash and hating their own life as a man and seeing no purpose in this world.

That is all I have to say of this horrible murder of 20 children and 6 adult women . Sadly as a society we have to question if a woman acts strange and not blame a child for it. The women who she played dice didn't seem to do much (in addition to the fact that she didn't mention her kids) nor did the men who worked there and saw her show off guns and bring them outside. The irony here is by doing this and blaming a child for disturbed parents the 20 yer old took his anger out on children as he himself was taught to blame children for adult problems by many in the culture who are doing just that. 


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