Sunday, December 30, 2012

Many boys being labeled Aspergers and high functioning.

  Does this not bother you?? It bothers me. You are telling me someone is "high functional" but has Asperger syndrome. If someone is "high functioning why label them with something. Why is it mostly boys? Furthermore, some put it at the same level of autism which is a serious disorder.

  Why do I think this is happening? Sad to say it is more about boys not being girls and that is now a disability. A man is better at concentrating on something and now this ability they have is a "disability" because we live in a society where women can't ever think that men on a mental level are better then them at anything. And they are jealous of a man's ability to focus on a single task at hand without being distracted which for the roles men have to play this skill is needed. They could be proud of this when used properly and not feel jealous. But they instead chose to be jealous of this and make a man feel that having this skill makes him having a "disability" so we can think we are better then him.

Of course there is no way you are benefiting a son or man by doing this. And saying he is high functional but has a disability is just sadly those that have this constant envy of men wanting to put sons down but not wanting it to hurt them generally because they know that wouldn't be good for them or their son but they want it both ways and no matter how they slice it they are putting their son at a disadvantage and it is sad that this envy politics of men vs. women is used by the government and religious leaders that it is leading to this that is just terrible to put young men and give them these labels and think it doesn't harm them or stigmatize them which it does no matter how you slice it.


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