Sunday, December 16, 2012

It is offensive to me to claim that Nancy Lanza suffered alone.

Like she was a victim in that regard. This putting adult women above children (which the kid was a teenager) is a very troubling and barbaric development in our society. She was the one who chose to divorce her husband and take the kid out of school and make sure he had no other relationships.

She is an adult who obviously had problems and got away with it by acting like she was a victim which she wasn't and a society that always sees women this way regardless of the reality that she was the daughter of police and was receiving 250,000 in alimony. For whatever reason it seems she could not let go of her own son and have other people have input on what is good for him.

He didn't develop problems in a vacuum. And to act like this boy did throughout his life just shows how sick we are to blame a child for the sins of parents because a 10 year old boy or 17 year old boy has no resources to fight back.

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