Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Debbie Schlussel claims Macabees would kill "Liberal" Jews. How would you know?

My comment on Facebook on Debbie Schlussel.  
  Can you believe this woman? See the link at the end of this post. This spinster Jewish women who ends up being the helpmate of the male Orthodox Rabbis (instead  of being the helpmate to many of the single Jewish men out there who need a wife in which she claims to care about her people)  suggest that the Macabee's would have killed liberal Jews. This  make me wonder since this was a civil war how do they knew who was who. If they looked a certain way that meant they supported the Hellonzed Jews and should be murdered. I am not sure everyone was in the battlefield.

   Simply voting for Obama and being liberal according to Debbie would have got you killed by the Macabees. This is sick!!! I didn't vote for Obama but he isn't banning Circumcision. Like I said this whole story is not clear and censored and you take God's name in vain but saying God commanded on you something that was never commanded but for this holiday to bring this kind of hate is terrible. ANd Debbie is speaking for these male Rabbis and this is why they don't want women married so they can promote their ideas which in many cases are extremely violent which some of the woman think this will create more equality. This is really to basically believe anyone not part of the Orthodox club should be killed because how do you even know who is 'liberal and who isn't. The answer is you don't but anyone not worshiping the Rabbis would be considered "liberal".

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