Sunday, December 30, 2012

Many boys being labeled Aspergers and high functioning.

  Does this not bother you?? It bothers me. You are telling me someone is "high functional" but has Asperger syndrome. If someone is "high functioning why label them with something. Why is it mostly boys? Furthermore, some put it at the same level of autism which is a serious disorder.

  Why do I think this is happening? Sad to say it is more about boys not being girls and that is now a disability. A man is better at concentrating on something and now this ability they have is a "disability" because we live in a society where women can't ever think that men on a mental level are better then them at anything. And they are jealous of a man's ability to focus on a single task at hand without being distracted which for the roles men have to play this skill is needed. They could be proud of this when used properly and not feel jealous. But they instead chose to be jealous of this and make a man feel that having this skill makes him having a "disability" so we can think we are better then him.

Of course there is no way you are benefiting a son or man by doing this. And saying he is high functional but has a disability is just sadly those that have this constant envy of men wanting to put sons down but not wanting it to hurt them generally because they know that wouldn't be good for them or their son but they want it both ways and no matter how they slice it they are putting their son at a disadvantage and it is sad that this envy politics of men vs. women is used by the government and religious leaders that it is leading to this that is just terrible to put young men and give them these labels and think it doesn't harm them or stigmatize them which it does no matter how you slice it.


Someone wanted to think they are biologically the decendents of King David

And if you don't agree with her she gets upset and snitched to Facebook (as I don't know who else would do this)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Naftalli Bennett. A young aspiring politican. Who is he?

I have only recently heard about Naftalli Bennett. He is a Politician to a party that may became the 3rd largest political party.  Some facebook friend who recently made Aliyah and some relatives who live in Israel have to give the credit for finding some new things out of what is going on.

Some of the things he has said happy to hear about. He is concerned about Union and the cost of living in Israel and those rising costs which it is nice to hear someone that talks about general economic issue and would likely agree with him.

Also it is good he has some ideas. He has said he would to annex Area C which has mostly Jews (85-90%) and some Palestinians into part of Israel proper. Which I'm sure some criticize it but I give him credit for having an idea to do something rather then just the status quo which is the easiest position.

His resume looks great. He made over 100 million selling a company he was the CEO for. Cyota.
From his wikipedia entry. "In 1999, he co-founded "Cyota" – an anti-fraud software company and served as its CEO. The company was sold in 2005 to RSA Security for $145,000,000." He also served an elite IDF unit.

So he has money and says some of the things people want to hear.

Is he too good to be true. Does he have negatives?

Sadly there are some items that make me question his sincerity to gain political power  for whatever reason. Some would like to use this to change certain laws that maybe they are vulnerable.

First and foremost. He does not live in Judea and Samaria. He lives in a very affluent area which ok but the reason he gives his wife is "secular". So basically his wife wouldn't want to live in these area's is what he is saying. Is that true, or is he hiding behind wife's skirt? I have no idea. But for someone who claims to be for these issues why didn't he marry a woman who felt the same way he did. There are plenty of women like that or again is that just a smokescreen which it may very be which he himself doesn't really think highly of the people but for political reason he has to take some stance different then the current politicians. I could be nothing as all of us as people have areas where we wish we made a better decision. But in some cases a mans wife does say something about what issue are and aren't important to them when it really come down to it.

The second issue is he does not have a degree in computer science or in some technological area but has a degree in law. Which does make me wonder what his role was at this company that developed a very good product. Was he just a lawyer to prevent others for stealing the idea or he used his law degree to be able to know how to take the work of someone else and pass it off as his own. I don't know but we don't know what his role was other then being a CEO. Which some CEO's are there for political reasons and not because they are really the ones who have the creativity and are dong the hard work in creating the product. Many American politicians are lawyers and many of them are good at saying one thing but then in power doesn't follow through as this was just to get in power.  In his case he does thing to make his resume look good but on deeper analysis what exactly did he do in this company. Even in the military what successes did he have. Would like to see more substance rather then just flashing that he made a lot of money and he served in an elite IDF position.

Lastly, does he have any position on family and moral issues

That is a big issue for Israels long term stability as with any other society. Being a politician it is an issue that you can't take a position because you will offend certain demographics and that is a problem in Israel as in other societies. He was in a home with no female siblings and you have 25% of women who are at a fairly advanced age and still not married. That is very bad no matter what the overall birth rate is. It is bad and demoralizing to men as well with this situation. Are fathers rights to their own children protected unless their is a legit reason not to and not based on very minor stuff.

If I lived in Israel I guess I might vote for him even though on balance I think there is a lot to be concerned of with this guy if he is truly sincere and certainly a guy didn't become this wealthy by just allowing groups that weren't puling their own weight to just continue in that way. If he made his money just by being the political animal in this tech world he may actually not care about the rights who aren't in a position to be that person and/or for "moral" reasons don't want to pit people against each other for their own personal gain as they find that against the torah and what God says.

So a lot of food for thought here. I certainly don't think this guy is a savior as a 40 year old guy who doesn't even live in the area he has expressed some interesting ideas and I really hope Judea and Sameria just think that because this guy has a lot of money that this is to there advantage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A listing of all who died in the Shooting at Sandy Hook.

And an excerpt about each of them in the link above. 20 children (all 6 and 7 years old and a whole class wiped out) and 6 adult women were killed in this horrible mass murder.

ALLISON WYATT, 6                         

Photo of Class Murdered by Adam Lanza.

Here is the photo of all these innocent children murdered by Adam Lanza.

In this link.

Has a picture of all 16 children and the teacher who was murdered.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nancy Lanza was a prepper.

    One last post on the horrific murder by Adam Lanza. This about her mother again.

   This is what was reported.From the article. It also emerged that Mrs Lanza had spoken of her fears less than a week before the attack that she was “losing” her son. “She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him,” said a friend of Mrs Lanza who did not want to be named.

  From reading she didn't share her son Adam with others which in some respects would be a good thing.   Although her family knew about her extreme ideology and encouraged it and what annoys me is if the world is coming to an end wouldn't it be a good idea to not break up the family by suing for divorce. That is the biggest upheavel here. Breaking up the family unit which is the most basic unit that a healthy society needs.

  And her son took it bad as did the father initially. This home life must have been hell being with a mother with such extremist ideas and not really feeling she should make the world more stable by her own behavior and her family encouraging this. If a boy is troubled removing the father couldn't have helped although the father in the end didn't seem to put up much of a fight but much less checks and balances and who knows what she told her son when a son becomes a replacement for a husband you divorced. This post discusses that he was devastated.

  So it seems the kid needed a father figure who was at best very meek and gave to a woman whatever she wanted. And he immersed himself in video games and had a mother that believed in the end times and herself was acting in ways that don't show a lot of concern for others just oneself and her family supported her extremist behavior.

  But in end the kid himself seem to want to do as much damage as possible as info is coming out that he did load the weapon for the highest impact and as stated some kids were shot 11 times!!! Horrible what this kid did. And killing children which even a video game doesn't have this kind of situation of killing children like this. The only thing I can thing in his own twisted mind he was preventing other children from having to live the tortured life he did of being labeled as troubled and no one really caring. And stuck with a mother who herself didn't exhibit healthy behavior to allow him any contacts with other adults and only with this crazy ideas that she believed.


A divorced mother. Should they be allowed to homeschool a teenage boy or gril?

Think that is a fair question. This woman did not need to work and pulled her son out of school and herself was certainly different in her behavior then others. This could not have helped being in an environment day after day during the week with a mother who had few of her own obligations. And a son having no male contacts most of the time or anyone other then her mother who seemed to have problems as well. This is my 4th and last post on this topic for now of this horrible massacre of children and women by a man living at home and pulled from school from what seems a very disturbed mother who had few friends and living alone and didn't have to work who was murdered as well in this.

Victoria Soto Saved her students from the murderer.

She ended up losing her own life but in telling the madman that her students were at the gym their lives were saved. RIP.

It is offensive to me to claim that Nancy Lanza suffered alone.

Like she was a victim in that regard. This putting adult women above children (which the kid was a teenager) is a very troubling and barbaric development in our society. She was the one who chose to divorce her husband and take the kid out of school and make sure he had no other relationships.

She is an adult who obviously had problems and got away with it by acting like she was a victim which she wasn't and a society that always sees women this way regardless of the reality that she was the daughter of police and was receiving 250,000 in alimony. For whatever reason it seems she could not let go of her own son and have other people have input on what is good for him.

He didn't develop problems in a vacuum. And to act like this boy did throughout his life just shows how sick we are to blame a child for the sins of parents because a 10 year old boy or 17 year old boy has no resources to fight back.

Mass Murder of children and women by Madman Adam Lanza. .

Who is to blame for this? I was on Facebook and had an interesting discussion with 2 women who posted on one of my posts on facebook.

 The son Adam used the weapons of the mother. Who was a big gun fan.

  In addition she did not let others into her home for over 15 years including those she played dice games and they themselves didn't find that odd. She did go outside to show men who worked in her home the guns she owned.

  She was the daughter of police while her husband (who she divorced) was an accountant.

  She pulled him from school in 10th grade it seems a little after the divorce.

    She collected 250,000 a year in alimony after the divorce although he did have custody on weekends but spent the time it sounds like going on trips and he was devastated according to reports but gave what to her wife and more according to reports.  So she didn't have to work and college also was paid by the ex so she could become more and more delutional in hor own right with no husband and her only contact the son she took out of school. The brother was living away from home in NJ.

  The father got remarried and it seems in general on an emotional level did not want to set any sort of discipline and let her wife do everything in all areas and got remarried (nothing wrong with) but he should have been concerned about his son being pulled from school and spending all this time with his mother who didn't have to work and her overall strange behavior.

  So my feeling is the biggest cause of this was 1. A woman having many weapons and not being secure 2. Men themsleves believing their role is simply to be an ATM machine and never standing up to their wife and children. 3. A society that feels women are always victims and can never have problems themselves and women, the husband, and other ignored the many odd behaviors of the women that were for a long period of time and should have raised alarm bells. In addition she fought with the school that her son be raised a certain way or blamed the school for her sons problems which may have to do partly with a father not being emotionally involved which is what society to tell men to be. Just ATM machines.

  This son obviously had a lot of rage from his mother basically living a strange life and denying him any social contacts.To which nobody said boo and blamed him. Obviously living in an environment like this caused him many delusions as well and he was quick to kill himself as obviously he saw no purpose in his own life.  This behavior is similar to suicide bombers in many ways who kill innocent people as well as their own life and it is a similar type of environment according to studies in Israel of them having weak fathers which makes them easy to brainwash and hating their own life as a man and seeing no purpose in this world.

That is all I have to say of this horrible murder of 20 children and 6 adult women . Sadly as a society we have to question if a woman acts strange and not blame a child for it. The women who she played dice didn't seem to do much (in addition to the fact that she didn't mention her kids) nor did the men who worked there and saw her show off guns and bring them outside. The irony here is by doing this and blaming a child for disturbed parents the 20 yer old took his anger out on children as he himself was taught to blame children for adult problems by many in the culture who are doing just that. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Debbie Schlussel claims Macabees would kill "Liberal" Jews. How would you know?

My comment on Facebook on Debbie Schlussel.  
  Can you believe this woman? See the link at the end of this post. This spinster Jewish women who ends up being the helpmate of the male Orthodox Rabbis (instead  of being the helpmate to many of the single Jewish men out there who need a wife in which she claims to care about her people)  suggest that the Macabee's would have killed liberal Jews. This  make me wonder since this was a civil war how do they knew who was who. If they looked a certain way that meant they supported the Hellonzed Jews and should be murdered. I am not sure everyone was in the battlefield.

   Simply voting for Obama and being liberal according to Debbie would have got you killed by the Macabees. This is sick!!! I didn't vote for Obama but he isn't banning Circumcision. Like I said this whole story is not clear and censored and you take God's name in vain but saying God commanded on you something that was never commanded but for this holiday to bring this kind of hate is terrible. ANd Debbie is speaking for these male Rabbis and this is why they don't want women married so they can promote their ideas which in many cases are extremely violent which some of the woman think this will create more equality. This is really to basically believe anyone not part of the Orthodox club should be killed because how do you even know who is 'liberal and who isn't. The answer is you don't but anyone not worshiping the Rabbis would be considered "liberal".

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sorry! No Happy Chanukah.

  Sorry. The holiday was made up to compete with pagan ideas of celebrating winter. Which is where the idea's of Christmas come from. It predates them. Here are a number of major points here.

   #1) The book of Macabee mentions an 8 day celebration but no miracle. This miracle obviously was invented later on.

  #2) The book of Macabee was censored and excluded the bible. Now why would celebrate a group that we don't put their writing as part of our tanach when we have books like the book of Esther. Obviously that in itself raises questions

  #3) This celebration was done at the temple. There is no temple today. So why should we then have this in our home instead. If anything it should be a day to mourn the fact we don't have the temple to do this. Not replace it with these menorah's.

  #4) The Menorah has 4 on each side while the Menorah in the temple had 3 on each side. Even if there was an 8 day celebration which was celebrating Succoth and Shminei Atzeret why is this Menorah different.

   #5) And lastly. This was a civil war in which it was Jews who agreed to go along with Greek pagan practices. Much blood was shed and since we don't really learn about it as it is kept secret I don't even know if they killed innocent people who they suspected were Jews who supported for example banning circumcision. The point is though this couldn't have happened without some Jews being involved and agreeing to what the Greeks were doing here.  Judaism to this day has adopted Greek words to their religion.  The term synagogue is a Greek term. The Greek Church refers to itself as Orthodox.  The Greek leader of the Church was called a "Patriarch" and this idea of a male religious leader being the father of the people may have been imitation of the way Greeks worship. Were they Hellonists for doing that. I don't know. Where was the line drawn. I have no idea and have to think that innocent blood may have been shed by thinking almost anything Greek makes you a Hellonist and we see that to this day terms we use are either outright Greek terms or are similar to the way Greeks practice religion and worship of God.