Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three links on Jewish voting patterns in Orthodox areas

May not be 100% scientific here but interesting nevertheless.

Overall 69% of Jews voting for Obama vs 76% last year. How they come up at this number again I have no idea. I wonder if anyone counted me a single guy living in an apartment a half a mile away of the area of the group being studied here. I voted for Romney is the lesser of two evils.

Anyway according to this link 90% in some Orthodox areas in NY voted for Romney and also a Russian Jewish area as well.

In the other article on Kiryas Joel less voted for Romney.

In the 3rd article
 some other communities are discussed and it is more evenly divided but in 2000 most Orthodox voted for the Democrat party so this general idea of Orthodox being Republican in general is not really true is how do you explain 2000. I know you had Lieberman but still? It shows that Orthodox as generally being republican is not really true or maybe only recently has become true for a number of reasons including talk radio which Orthodox may listen to radio more then other groups who watch more then TV and this has influenced them. But this propaganda that "Orthodox" equal "Republican" from this article seems to not be the case and may be a recent change based on some shows on talk radio pushing the more conservative party which I can only say to be fair it has effected me as at one point I wasn't and that is coming from an Modern Orthodox home for whatever that is worth as most of Orthodoxy sadly is just Shabbos and Kosher and on other issues you could almost believe anything sadly.

As I said don't know where they get the numbers from overall and how accurate they are. With all the men bashing I would think some men who is voting are not as expected are not counting and that may skew the result and there may be other factors as well which if you have any feel free to post.

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