Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prayer should be sincere and not just something to just mumble words to God

This whole pryaer thing has no biblical basis. God wanted Jews to appear in Jersualem 3 TIMES A YEAR. Not 3 times a day. I know the Talmud iin Brachut for my Jewish readers it was in place according to the talmud of sacrifices (although there is a morning and afternoon sacrifice which is only 2 sacrifices, not 3 and the 3rd prayer isn't even for a sacrifice commanded by God) but a man was not required to give one every day. At my job today it was funny hearing this Muslim women wanting her husband to pray. They want the men (sadly and Jews have imitated this) to just say MINDLESS PRAYERS with the male religious leader keeping a close eye on them and the women know it doesn't make the man a better person but they want the men spending time with useless activities and use God for this putting down of men which the worst part of this is it mocks God. 

In the bible we see prayer done at times but it was done in a sincere way and also realizing that in asking God for help that they owed God in return. Not just asking God to do for them as if God answers to them. 

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. 


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