Saturday, November 24, 2012

On Why Rabbis automatically assume a women should spit at a man

This came to my attention from a recent post I made.

In these cases of Yibum as the Rabbis automatically assumed the man's brothers intentions were only for her looks which is equivalent to incest. Thoughts now are crimes. I mean anyone who thinks men bashing started in the 1960's it is being going on foe a long time but men who use their positions of authority to put down other men. It sounds similar to some of the views of Jesus that certain feelings are equivalent to adultery. I  am sorry. You can't be punished for thoughts but this is what Rabbi Tam is doing here and this is a cop out by the way. He just doesn't care about other men in my opinion and accuses men of sexual sins that they did not commit just because they think a woman is attractive.

This is what Rabbi Tam said via wikipedia. By Talmudic times the practice of levirate marriage was deemed secondary in preference to halizah because of the brother's questionable intentions;[23] indeed, to marry a brother's widow for her beauty was regarded by Abba Saul as equivalent to incest.

But the result of this is the women is suppose to spit in the man's face and tell him that he is basically causing his brothers name to be blotted out since he has no children with at least a fairly close genetic link. Spitting in man's face as the norm isn't a concern to Rabbi Tam. I don't know why.

Look at Leviticus Chapter 25:5. The only part I don't get is it says when men dwell together. This would mean some extended family type family arrangement. If not would it then be ok.

Interestingly also this done in other culture is discouraged partly for "equality" concerns.As this is what wikipedia says on this topic in general which in England the monarchy did use this when needed which you would hope anyone is not something "common". So for them on top it was ok.

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