Saturday, November 24, 2012

On 2 versions in the bible of the boundaries of Israel

Interesting because one women on Facebook who since unfriended me was using these expansive borders mentioned in Genesis but there is another discussion of the boundaries  that is smaller and much closer to the boundaries today. So which is right? Also the first one is so expansive and would include Cairo, Egypt and parts of other countries. And this didn't exist during the time of Joshua or David so what is this in reference to. Just posting at times can be provocative as really in today's time it is not going to be part of Israel the way things are nor should it be.

Certainly this may be one reason our enemies hate us because their land would be taken one day as well. Certainly now this map is not needed. It could only be needed if Jews were truly the dust of the earth that they would need additional land that they had now and for that purpose. That certainly is not the case now. The bible does talk about war for conquest that didn't have the same rules as in Israel proper in which we couldn't keep women and children alive as they could have a negative influence. . But for some of the outer areas that would be ok. But at this point this is irrelevant because Jews are at best population wise in a stagnant pattern at best although certainly the area of Gaza that is a part of Israel proper and in addition this area is provided danger to Jews near their in terms of rocket attacks. We aren't the dust of the earth to any degree at this point either and really people even those that support us don't see us and our ideas as a blessing and at best we have to change to fit their religious beliefs which they believe will happen.


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