Friday, November 23, 2012

Koby Mandell Foundation. Father makes $80,000 a year from his sons murder.

Koby Mandell was murdered during the second intafada. He was 13 years old.

His parents created a 501(C) with his name. Charity Navigator gives it one star overall.

Here is the link to this.

 14% of the Expenses of the Charity go to the father who makes $80,000 a year. Not bad.More Americans don't make that kind of salary in a year.

  The motto should be "Don't feel bad your son is murdered. You can use your sons death to start your own 501(C). And we complain about Hamas and other using boys as sacrifices for their own personal gain.

   Much of what the site does is just in very poor taste in my opinion. They make their child a perpetual 13 year old and don't seem to be upset that their son never became an adult as this is the beginning of puberty. They have women retreats for their sons deaths and make it that only mothers mourn for children and not fathers. Which is disgusting. I wouldn't want my death to be used for this purpose. With this kind of gender politics and turning one gender against the other then why would you be upset if your son was murdered if you view men as unfeeling people that wouldn't be angry about their own flesh and bloods death. That is what adult men are which of course the irony here is like it always is with the envy politics of feminism the father and a man who is benefiting from his own son's death.

  Also to have comedy for your sons murder. It is just in very poor taste. Just laugh. You child was murdered. Nothing wrong with humor but just seems in this case inappropriate.

  The only proper response to a child's death like this is for the country to protect children from this happening. Which is not what the Mandell's are doing at all instead benefiting from their sons murder. In my opinion, they are no different then those among our enemies who benefit from their sons death. The only slight different is they are not actively seeking their sons death. At the same time this kind of behavior leads to parents being very very neglectful of their own son that in the back of their mind if their son gets murdered they can start a 501(C) and make a good living off of this.

 It is insulting as well that therapist are trying to make profit from this as well and use it for contributions for themselves. In fact there is nothing "abnormal" of someone having anger and never fully getting over this which they shouldn't. To want someone to get over this is actually also morally reprehensible and viewing your own son's death as no big deal. Any man in the bible viewed an unnatural death as some sign God is not with us for some reason but don't worry just laugh because I can make 80,000 a year from my sons death.

  Finally, here is the wikipedia like about his murder.

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