Saturday, November 24, 2012

God promises Jacob his decedents would be like the dust of the earth.

In Genesis (Bereshis) 14:14. He promises the land of Israel to Jacob's children (his name later is changed to Israel) in 14:13 and that they will be like the dust of the earth and will spread West, East, North, and South. Has this happened. Not at the moment. The overall birth rate of Jews is 2.2 in Israel and 1.5 in the US. Those numbers mean that Jacob's decedents are actually decreasing in number and in Israel barely increasing as 2.1 is the rate to remain steady. Had recently saw someone on Facebook a Jewish woman  post the expanded borders of Israel to which at this time we don't need such expansive borders when we are only at best if you include Jews in the Diaspora 15 million.

In addition and something have pointed out have noticed that even with a birth rate of 2.2 the distributions is not centered in the middle. You have 20-25% of women who have zero children with even with a rate of just 2.2 you shouldn't have that many with zero with a normal distribution like a bell curve. That number, 0, may actually be the number with the highest numbers as well which the highest numbers should be around 2 or 3 if this was a normal distribution but you have those on the edges of this average in have 0 or 4 or more. Of course the biggest irony if feminism is creating much more inequality among women. Among men as well it is giving the power to fewer men who are raising children (and sadly fathers are under attack as well) so among men the inequality of men living with their  children and those either without or not living with children is greater.

What is so amazing about this is the Jewish Bible was meant to protect men from not having their name disappear from the earth. In  Yibum where if a man did die without children his wife would marry a brother so that the child will be genetically pretty close with the same mother and a man that is his brother. But all religious groups (both Rabbis and Karaites) repealed this law. How they have the right to do this I don't know as the laws are for all time and who are they to think they have more wisdom then God. In some societies they may have had a problem with it but hate to say it but part of it that these so called religious leaders didn't care much about their own people and only cared about advances themselves.

Which their reasoning is that the intention of another man would be bad. So the Rabbis assume a man is guilty until proven innocent. That really is great.  Just check the wikipedia on this. Didn't know that the Ketubah the male Rabbis created. No comment.  They trust their wisdom more then God's sadly and as a Jewish man I have to point this out as God gave the torah to men as a nation as the 10 commandments seem to be addressing men who obviously if their wives couldn't be there would tell their wives and not specifically to male Rabbis who had extra communication. No evidence of this.

The point of this by the way is the bible felt this should be done to protect a man from leaving the earth without any trace just in general women should understand their responsibilities towards men which from what I see is not there today sadly and most men don't expect it either from what they see growing up as well. We have sort of lost our way in some ways being influenced by other cultures. Only want to reward men that fit a certain agenda if not too bad. But by doing this they are causing Jewish population to go down and men from having no children and grandchildren to preserve their own name. A society like this can't be respected by others as only those connected can get married.

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