Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three links on Jewish voting patterns in Orthodox areas

May not be 100% scientific here but interesting nevertheless.

Overall 69% of Jews voting for Obama vs 76% last year. How they come up at this number again I have no idea. I wonder if anyone counted me a single guy living in an apartment a half a mile away of the area of the group being studied here. I voted for Romney is the lesser of two evils.

Anyway according to this link 90% in some Orthodox areas in NY voted for Romney and also a Russian Jewish area as well.

In the other article on Kiryas Joel less voted for Romney.

In the 3rd article
 some other communities are discussed and it is more evenly divided but in 2000 most Orthodox voted for the Democrat party so this general idea of Orthodox being Republican in general is not really true is how do you explain 2000. I know you had Lieberman but still? It shows that Orthodox as generally being republican is not really true or maybe only recently has become true for a number of reasons including talk radio which Orthodox may listen to radio more then other groups who watch more then TV and this has influenced them. But this propaganda that "Orthodox" equal "Republican" from this article seems to not be the case and may be a recent change based on some shows on talk radio pushing the more conservative party which I can only say to be fair it has effected me as at one point I wasn't and that is coming from an Modern Orthodox home for whatever that is worth as most of Orthodoxy sadly is just Shabbos and Kosher and on other issues you could almost believe anything sadly.

As I said don't know where they get the numbers from overall and how accurate they are. With all the men bashing I would think some men who is voting are not as expected are not counting and that may skew the result and there may be other factors as well which if you have any feel free to post.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

When does the 7th day of Shabbos begin?

It is an interesting question. At creation it says there was evening and there was morning, So the day beings in the evening.

In Rabbinic and to be fair Karaite Judaism as well they have Shabbos begin at around sunset based on this passage.

I was thinking about it since this Friday had some things to do and this day time of year Shabbos does begin very early.

It did get me thinking though just because the day is shorter in the winter and longer in the summer doesn't mean "evening" starts at a different time. The work day is not different in the summer or winter. In addition  by doing this the week is actually slightly more then six days in the spring and slightly less then six days in the fall since sunset become earlier in the fall and later in the spring. Furthermore, according to the bible after the flood God made the decree that there would be cold and heat, summer and winter, seeding and harvest, day and night shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22). Part of this cycle has to do with the sun and having more daylight in different parts of the year that cause the earth to lose and gain heat.

But should the day start at a different time simply because sunset is at a different time because of the season it is. I don't know. As I said it makes a week slightly less or more then 6 days. The other part of this command is to work 6 days. One day of rest and six days of work. And to make the day a start at a different time because there are only 8 hours of daylight is that correct.

Especially today it doesn't make sense since we don't sleep at a different time either in the summer or winter. And Shabbos ends in the late afternoon in the winter just because due to the season the day is short. It would seem it would make more sense to have it about what time sunset on average is which I guess would be about 6 PM since today we don't change our day based on sunset times and even back then the fact that a day was 16 hours vs. 8 hours sunlight to they sleep the other 16 hours in the winter. I didn't live then so I don't know.

There are some crazy ideas like this Lunar Shabbos that it is the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the moon cycle but then you need extra days  that are also Shabbos. But here too to a slight degree you have less then six days of work in the fall and slightly more in the spring and this is because a day is not 12 hours but morning and evening should still be around the same time regardless of daylight or night is extended due to the time of year. Just some thoughts which is a minor idea but in general not sure why the day should start earlier simply because in the winter you only have 8 hours of sunlight as this whole issue of seasons came after the flood so before then evening may have been 12 hours and day 12 hours all the time.

On Why Rabbis automatically assume a women should spit at a man

This came to my attention from a recent post I made.

In these cases of Yibum as the Rabbis automatically assumed the man's brothers intentions were only for her looks which is equivalent to incest. Thoughts now are crimes. I mean anyone who thinks men bashing started in the 1960's it is being going on foe a long time but men who use their positions of authority to put down other men. It sounds similar to some of the views of Jesus that certain feelings are equivalent to adultery. I  am sorry. You can't be punished for thoughts but this is what Rabbi Tam is doing here and this is a cop out by the way. He just doesn't care about other men in my opinion and accuses men of sexual sins that they did not commit just because they think a woman is attractive.

This is what Rabbi Tam said via wikipedia. By Talmudic times the practice of levirate marriage was deemed secondary in preference to halizah because of the brother's questionable intentions;[23] indeed, to marry a brother's widow for her beauty was regarded by Abba Saul as equivalent to incest.

But the result of this is the women is suppose to spit in the man's face and tell him that he is basically causing his brothers name to be blotted out since he has no children with at least a fairly close genetic link. Spitting in man's face as the norm isn't a concern to Rabbi Tam. I don't know why.

Look at Leviticus Chapter 25:5. The only part I don't get is it says when men dwell together. This would mean some extended family type family arrangement. If not would it then be ok.

Interestingly also this done in other culture is discouraged partly for "equality" concerns.As this is what wikipedia says on this topic in general which in England the monarchy did use this when needed which you would hope anyone is not something "common". So for them on top it was ok.

On 2 versions in the bible of the boundaries of Israel

Interesting because one women on Facebook who since unfriended me was using these expansive borders mentioned in Genesis but there is another discussion of the boundaries  that is smaller and much closer to the boundaries today. So which is right? Also the first one is so expansive and would include Cairo, Egypt and parts of other countries. And this didn't exist during the time of Joshua or David so what is this in reference to. Just posting at times can be provocative as really in today's time it is not going to be part of Israel the way things are nor should it be.

Certainly this may be one reason our enemies hate us because their land would be taken one day as well. Certainly now this map is not needed. It could only be needed if Jews were truly the dust of the earth that they would need additional land that they had now and for that purpose. That certainly is not the case now. The bible does talk about war for conquest that didn't have the same rules as in Israel proper in which we couldn't keep women and children alive as they could have a negative influence. . But for some of the outer areas that would be ok. But at this point this is irrelevant because Jews are at best population wise in a stagnant pattern at best although certainly the area of Gaza that is a part of Israel proper and in addition this area is provided danger to Jews near their in terms of rocket attacks. We aren't the dust of the earth to any degree at this point either and really people even those that support us don't see us and our ideas as a blessing and at best we have to change to fit their religious beliefs which they believe will happen.


God spoke to Jacab yet Jacob kept this to himself.

It is interesting that God spoke to Jacob telling him his offspring would inherit the land and when Jacob arose he set up a pillar over there and poured oil as a sign of thanks.

Yet he didn't tell anyone. He didn't start his own religion based on this but kept this to himself.

 Why? For one thing he had no witnesses and people should not just take him on blind faith and in addition he had his purpose here in setting out at the instruction of Rebecca to work for Laban and this prophecy didn't give him an escape from his basic missions he had here which he worked for Laban and got married.

God promises Jacob his decedents would be like the dust of the earth.

In Genesis (Bereshis) 14:14. He promises the land of Israel to Jacob's children (his name later is changed to Israel) in 14:13 and that they will be like the dust of the earth and will spread West, East, North, and South. Has this happened. Not at the moment. The overall birth rate of Jews is 2.2 in Israel and 1.5 in the US. Those numbers mean that Jacob's decedents are actually decreasing in number and in Israel barely increasing as 2.1 is the rate to remain steady. Had recently saw someone on Facebook a Jewish woman  post the expanded borders of Israel to which at this time we don't need such expansive borders when we are only at best if you include Jews in the Diaspora 15 million.

In addition and something have pointed out have noticed that even with a birth rate of 2.2 the distributions is not centered in the middle. You have 20-25% of women who have zero children with even with a rate of just 2.2 you shouldn't have that many with zero with a normal distribution like a bell curve. That number, 0, may actually be the number with the highest numbers as well which the highest numbers should be around 2 or 3 if this was a normal distribution but you have those on the edges of this average in have 0 or 4 or more. Of course the biggest irony if feminism is creating much more inequality among women. Among men as well it is giving the power to fewer men who are raising children (and sadly fathers are under attack as well) so among men the inequality of men living with their  children and those either without or not living with children is greater.

What is so amazing about this is the Jewish Bible was meant to protect men from not having their name disappear from the earth. In  Yibum where if a man did die without children his wife would marry a brother so that the child will be genetically pretty close with the same mother and a man that is his brother. But all religious groups (both Rabbis and Karaites) repealed this law. How they have the right to do this I don't know as the laws are for all time and who are they to think they have more wisdom then God. In some societies they may have had a problem with it but hate to say it but part of it that these so called religious leaders didn't care much about their own people and only cared about advances themselves.

Which their reasoning is that the intention of another man would be bad. So the Rabbis assume a man is guilty until proven innocent. That really is great.  Just check the wikipedia on this. Didn't know that the Ketubah the male Rabbis created. No comment.  They trust their wisdom more then God's sadly and as a Jewish man I have to point this out as God gave the torah to men as a nation as the 10 commandments seem to be addressing men who obviously if their wives couldn't be there would tell their wives and not specifically to male Rabbis who had extra communication. No evidence of this.

The point of this by the way is the bible felt this should be done to protect a man from leaving the earth without any trace just in general women should understand their responsibilities towards men which from what I see is not there today sadly and most men don't expect it either from what they see growing up as well. We have sort of lost our way in some ways being influenced by other cultures. Only want to reward men that fit a certain agenda if not too bad. But by doing this they are causing Jewish population to go down and men from having no children and grandchildren to preserve their own name. A society like this can't be respected by others as only those connected can get married.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Koby Mandell Foundation. Father makes $80,000 a year from his sons murder.

Koby Mandell was murdered during the second intafada. He was 13 years old.

His parents created a 501(C) with his name. Charity Navigator gives it one star overall.

Here is the link to this.

 14% of the Expenses of the Charity go to the father who makes $80,000 a year. Not bad.More Americans don't make that kind of salary in a year.

  The motto should be "Don't feel bad your son is murdered. You can use your sons death to start your own 501(C). And we complain about Hamas and other using boys as sacrifices for their own personal gain.

   Much of what the site does is just in very poor taste in my opinion. They make their child a perpetual 13 year old and don't seem to be upset that their son never became an adult as this is the beginning of puberty. They have women retreats for their sons deaths and make it that only mothers mourn for children and not fathers. Which is disgusting. I wouldn't want my death to be used for this purpose. With this kind of gender politics and turning one gender against the other then why would you be upset if your son was murdered if you view men as unfeeling people that wouldn't be angry about their own flesh and bloods death. That is what adult men are which of course the irony here is like it always is with the envy politics of feminism the father and a man who is benefiting from his own son's death.

  Also to have comedy for your sons murder. It is just in very poor taste. Just laugh. You child was murdered. Nothing wrong with humor but just seems in this case inappropriate.

  The only proper response to a child's death like this is for the country to protect children from this happening. Which is not what the Mandell's are doing at all instead benefiting from their sons murder. In my opinion, they are no different then those among our enemies who benefit from their sons death. The only slight different is they are not actively seeking their sons death. At the same time this kind of behavior leads to parents being very very neglectful of their own son that in the back of their mind if their son gets murdered they can start a 501(C) and make a good living off of this.

 It is insulting as well that therapist are trying to make profit from this as well and use it for contributions for themselves. In fact there is nothing "abnormal" of someone having anger and never fully getting over this which they shouldn't. To want someone to get over this is actually also morally reprehensible and viewing your own son's death as no big deal. Any man in the bible viewed an unnatural death as some sign God is not with us for some reason but don't worry just laugh because I can make 80,000 a year from my sons death.

  Finally, here is the wikipedia like about his murder.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prayer should be sincere and not just something to just mumble words to God

This whole pryaer thing has no biblical basis. God wanted Jews to appear in Jersualem 3 TIMES A YEAR. Not 3 times a day. I know the Talmud iin Brachut for my Jewish readers it was in place according to the talmud of sacrifices (although there is a morning and afternoon sacrifice which is only 2 sacrifices, not 3 and the 3rd prayer isn't even for a sacrifice commanded by God) but a man was not required to give one every day. At my job today it was funny hearing this Muslim women wanting her husband to pray. They want the men (sadly and Jews have imitated this) to just say MINDLESS PRAYERS with the male religious leader keeping a close eye on them and the women know it doesn't make the man a better person but they want the men spending time with useless activities and use God for this putting down of men which the worst part of this is it mocks God. 

In the bible we see prayer done at times but it was done in a sincere way and also realizing that in asking God for help that they owed God in return. Not just asking God to do for them as if God answers to them. 

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obamacare to tax medical devices in 2013.

Haven't posted here in a while. Have been on Facebook and lost power due to the Hurricane From October 29th, 2012- November 5th, 2012. A full week without power. Did have heat as use gas heat and some light from neighbors who didn't lose electricity though so it could have been worse. Now been back on for a week and hopefully will have some posts soon some. Have a good week and election day is over and Obama won which wasn't crazy about Romey but a 2nd term of Obama does concern me when he has created a bill like Obamacare that taxes medical devices at 2.3%. Something that is a necessity for those that have a physical handicap so why tax them.

Here is what part of a fox news article on this. From the Article.

 "This 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers will raise the price of (for example) every pacemaker, prosthetic limb, stent, and operating table. Can you remind us, Mr. President, how taxing medical devices will reduce the cost of health care? The tax is particularly destructive because it is levied on gross sales and even targets companies who haven’t turned a profit yet.

These are often small, scrappy companies with less than 20 employees who pioneer the next generation of life-prolonging devices. In addition to raising the cost of health care, this $20 billion tax over the next ten years will not help the country’s jobs outlook, as the industry employs nearly 400,000 Americans. Several companies have already responded to the looming tax by cutting research and development budgets and laying off workers."

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