Monday, October 22, 2012

NYPD beat a 22-year old Jewish homeless man.

Crazy. The biggest elephant to me was if there was a 2nd male cop this likely would have not escalated because he would have been able to cuff him which is clearly scene when other male cops come.

The other issue was he had a right to sleep there and was woken up.

He did act in a way that made the cops uncomfortable but the guy was 22 and being awoken when he had the right to sleep there and didn't know how to react in a way that mad the cops comfortable.

The cops should have checked his story instead to begin with.

The guy was unarmed.

All this equality and victim stuff is actually is not causing peace and love but more violence towards innocent men as is the case here.and if they would have checked the story and they had a cop that was stronger then this female cop this would not have happened. This female cop then took her batton and hit him when he was done which was all she could do. Hit him with the baton.

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