Monday, October 22, 2012

John Hagee on John Bachelors show. Women and Relgion.

It is very interesting show. You can download it from this site.

This show was aired 10/10/12 the 3rd hour as his 2nd guest and starts at about the 19 minute mark.

John Hagee visited Jerusalem in 1978 and claims then he felt that Christians have to build bridges with Jews. It is interesting hearing what he has to say to John Bachelor. Is it true or not true. Not sure as have read that he was always a Christian Zionist. But he mentions how some Christians did not want him to support Israel and that there was a bomb threat and what he says sounds credible at least on the Jewish side although if you are a Christian maybe you feel otherwise and feel he is just slandering other Christians to puff up himself.

Will admit my biggest issue which please read on as discuss in more more detail is John Hagee himself divorced his first wife and had an affair and married the younger women he had an affair with which isn't very kind to the first wife and the adopted children they had who need a father.

People say we should take help where we could get it and in general I would agree. We don't know what is in a person's heart.

However, the persons general behavior DOES MATTER. If a person in other area's his help is for bad ulterior motives then you have to be suspicious when they help Israel as well.

Also from this interview he discusses this relationship with Rabbi Aryeh Schienberg an Orthodox Rabbi in San Antonio. I did take a look at his site and he has a woman who married a nonjew as someone with a large role to play with children. Certainly as a Jewish man this doesn't make me happy that the male Rabbi doesn't care if Jewish man are thrown to the curb. I don't get a sense from him that the Rabbi that John Hagee is associated is himself cares much about the long term interest of Jews. It seems more interested in politics that help keep himself in power and knows how to use the right words to attract young naive people. This Rabbi Aryeh Schienberg.
I know again and again that Orthodox Rabbis women like more then reform and conservative since they like going to a man rather then a woman they feel they will be more protective of them and this Rabbi seems to play to this dynamic which is not good in general when women love Rabbis so much but not men in the trenches. I know it is more sexy for a Rabbi to help women then men but this dynamic is not a healthy dynamic except for a few men,

Which gets me to my main problem with Hagee. That is one of the issues that continue to be a rallying cry is that Islam mistreats women and Israel has to destroy the religion for this reason. 
To put a whole religion and all its people as bad is very harsh and in addition unless you are in another man's bedroom many people ignore the idiotic stuff religious leaders say of all religions. Many religious leaders say hateful insane things and many people ignore them.

But Hagee himself divorced his first wife in 1975 and married Diane in 1976 a younger woman to which he had three additional children. He had two adopted children with his first wife. According to what I have read he had an affair with this woman. So who is he to talk about treatment of women when he divorced his first wife for a younger woman to have biological children which may be one of the reasons. But what about the adopted children of his first marriage. And the mother. When we claim that we care about women and then love John Hagee people will laugh in our face. She has to live a life alone until she can find another man which a woman divorced with two adoptive children that could be tough. And especiallythe children it is putting a big burden on her as it is harder to raise a child without a father. John Hagee NEVER DISCUSSES THE FATHERLESS EPIDEMIC IN THE US. Almost 50% live without their father. In Israel as well some fathers their basic rights are violated has John Hagee said anything. Not that I am aware of. Is that concern for women basically ignoring men and severe injustices done to them. Ignoring men just weakens ones own culture which of course if people are corrupt and want to continue to do this and know it is bad but don't care will start to use someone else as a scapegoat to deflect their own culture have serious problems partly becaue of their own behavior  which some can focus on Islam and claim it is about treating women but divorcing a women in her mid 30's with two children and then marrying a younger woman is not exactly treating women very well and so what our enemy really thinks is we just hate them because we need an excuse to hate them. Yes, there are real reasons that Jews should feel some Islamic countries were unjust to them and should be help accountable for that  but this one is not one you can prove unless you were in their bedroom or married women told you that their husband treats them badly and their women don't seem to want to leave Islam and become Christains and Jews and to claim we are going to force them too is only going to create them to feel they have to fight for their own culture as Jews and Christians lie about things about them just to hate and have a clear double standard.

Not even getting into the way Hagee lives which with so many poor people in the US it seems over the top and raises the question how much money in the end goes to the causes the he promises when someone is living such a lavish lifestyle.

And lastly I see some who are so addicted to their various alliances that they really would mistreat and ignore their own Jewish brother out of envy or some other inappropriate reason because they think all these foreign alliances will save them. They are so wrong and delusional I don't know what to say. In biblical times this was tried and it led to disaster and hear as well both Physically and Spiritually we are leaving ourselves vulnerable by doing this and ignoring our own men for political or envy or other inappropriate reasons.

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