Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Interesting link on the corrupt family courts.

50% of kids are growing up without their father in the home which this a completely recent development in the US and no society can survive if you destroy the brick of society which is the family. I approve this message but this is terrible and no matter who wins the election Romney or Obama the breakdown of the American family signals a society is steep decline unless this can change which at the moment this issue is not talked about Abortion, Homosexuality but not the issue of children being raised without a father in the home and in many of the cases this is against the fathers will. Seems like an excellent link. In addition the social worker very anti-religious which although 80% of the time it is the father being oppressed if the mother is much more religious then the father and they will persecute the mother instead especially if the father supports various anti-religious causes or even gives a lot of money to feminist causes which never stopped anyone for treating women badly in their own life. Just look at Bill Clinton. Anyway this is an excellent link.

And this is what someone wrote back to me on Facebook.

haven't seen my daughter for 3 years due to lies and bull shit in family court. no dads around means kids don't learn many life skills... it won't change.. because the family court doesn't use common sense and unfortunately it is easier to make an allegation and encourage delays just to be malicious.... currently I'm the stay at home dad for my girlfriends two wonderful kids... I ensure that they have a great relationship with their father....but parental alienation and mothers / inlaws from hell... always cause problems in custody forums. 50% time share with children should be granted immediately and parents who prevent fathers from seeing their kids should be sent to jail immediately.

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