Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corrupt Male Rabbis promoting throwing the father out of the home in Judea and Sameria.

Being done by Chizuk now,

Also being done by Hebron Fund which I covered in a different post. Will get the link here shortly.

But see the link above.

Their #2 priority is that single women with children have day care so they can work. So government workers now raising the kids which that is a minor issue here.

But where is the father? One of the basic 10 commands in the tablets was to honor your father and mother that you will live in the land. How is this honoring the father??

Also this site talks about following in the footsteps of Abraham and Sarah. In following your haskafa.  How is this following in their footsteps. Sarah wasn't a single mom. She left Israel when God told Abraham to leave the land. She didn't challenge him in this area.

Abraham had idea's against the popular culture of the time. This movement is doing everything to prevent men from disagreeing with any popular notion that may be popular and practiced for a long time but in the end may be false and bad.

This movement is about male Rabbis using the bully pulpit and the government to tell women to divorce their husbands and move to Judea and Sameria and of course these women will likely be good for the Rabbis to push their agenda without any competing men like Abraham who went against the religious ideas of the time.

So this movement is doing everything against what Abraham and Sarah stood for and like others are trashing the memory as much as anybody else we feel is doing the same.

This behavior sadly will cause God to kick us out of these lands as God will not tolerate this immorality. In addition this kind of trying to punish men who think outside the box (for good reasons) will lead to a community that is uncreative and demoralizing to it's own.

In addition the other main focus of this group is to social workers and others who may want to leave .

See the link here.

Does this sound right to you? Shouldn't they try as normal people develop relationship as neighbors and not snitch to a social worker or have social workers spy on people to see if they are happy or not and if not likely make them feel bad or bribe them. This is just gong to lead to another disaster God forbid with another area that in one way or another God will kick us out which I really hope not or that it is a small group so God will protect based on the mostly good people.

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